The 10 Smallest Islands on Earth

Which islands in the vastness of the world’s oceans are the 10 smallest islands on earth? The tiniest islands are nameless, uninhabited land masses and probably no one has ever counted or measured them all. The journey to the 10 smallest islands in the world, which are inhabited by people or which promise a unique vacation, leads around the world to dream islands and secluded islets.

Paradise islands

If you are looking for small and tiny islands, you rightly think of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, which consists of around 1,200 large and small islands. At just 70 x 200 meters, Vadoo is one of the smallest of the region rich in tiny islands. Bright white sand, palm and a beautiful lagoon with turquoise water make Vadoo to an island paradise as a picture book. One of the smallest islands in the Pacific Ocean is Palmerston, a remote atoll in the southern part of the Cook Islands that has a total of only 2.1 square kilometers of land. The only inhabited island in the atoll is no larger than 600 meters in diameter and has a habitat for around 50 people. The islanders are all descendants of the Englishman William Masters, who died in 1863

Cayo Espanto, one of the more than 200 islands off Belize in the Caribbean Sea, can count itself among the 10 smallest islands in the world – made for unforgettable dream vacations. Cayo Espanto is part of the Pinkerton Islands and is only 320 x 560 meters. The small island offers a very exclusive resort with five bungalows for mostly celebrity guests. Further south-east, in front of Colombia near Cartagena, is the Isla Mucura, which is only around 10 hectares in size, and is a really tiny dream island with a bright beach, palm trees and an attractive, affordable resort.

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European islands

Corvo in the Atlantic Ocean is the smallest inhabited island in the Azores and, at just 17 square kilometers, is a worthy contender for a place among the 10 smallest islands on earth. The green island, consisting of an extinct volcano, is home to around 425 inhabitants and over 1,000 cattle, has an airport and also some accommodation for tourists. Comino, with only 3 square kilometers, 4 inhabitants and a hotel, a very small island in the Mediterranean Sea, is well equipped for expeditions beyond the tourist crowds and is applying for a place among the 10 smallest islands in the world. Comino is located between the islands of Gozo and Malta and got its name from the Maltese word for caraway, which was grown there in the Middle Ages.

With a size of only 11 hectares, the Danish Ox Island in the Flensburg Fjord is probably the smallest inhabited island in the Baltic Sea. Only three people live there and the islet offers a good anchorage for pleasure craft. The Hallig Süderoog in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park is the smallest inhabited island in the North Sea. The heart-shaped Hallig is inhabited by only two people all year round and is only 62 hectares in size. It may only be entered during guided tours and is a popular place to celebrate weddings.

The smallest inhabited island of the Scilly Islands, a British archipelago southwest of “Land’s End”, is a patch of land called Bryher. With 1.22 square kilometers, Bryher is also a suitable candidate for a place among the 10 smallest islands on earth. The small island is currently inhabited by 83 people, has a hotel and several holiday apartments and, thanks to the Gulf Stream, has a surprisingly sunny and quite mild climate. The smallest island in the world – as the Guinness Book of Records says – is just a rock, built on with a lighthouse: the “Bishop Rock”. It shows the entrance to the English Channel near the Isles of Scilly.

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