Sundsvall (Sweden)

What to See in Sweden

Visby, island of Gotland (Sweden)

Visby is the capital of the island of Gotland, which is located in the Baltic Sea. In 1995, the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. From those times when the city was an important trading center, today there are ruins of the fortress wall, about 40 towers, the Domchurka church, the dilapidated churches of St. Nicholas, St. Lars and St. Karina, the church of St. Mary and the ruins of Wiesborg Castle.

The Archaeological Museum is interesting, which shows the treasures of the Viking Age, and also tells about the history of the island. The local Botanical Garden is a favorite vacation spot for tourists and citizens. Every year in August, a “week of the Middle Ages” is held in Gotland. On the main street of Visby, Strandgatan embankment, a medieval fair takes place. It offers a variety of musical performances, festivals and even jousting tournaments.

In the vicinity of the city there are sandy beaches where you can swim and sunbathe. They are well equipped and comply with European standards.

Gothenburg (Sweden)

The second largest city in the country – Gothenburg – is located on the banks of the Kattegat and is the main port of the country, as well as the residence of the bishop.

Of the sights of the city, one can single out the Town Hall (1672); the oldest building in Gothenburg – the artillery arsenal of Krunhuset (1643), where a historical exhibition is now operating; the building of the Stock Exchange, built in the 19th century; 62-meter Marine Tower and Marine Center next to the port; church of Christina (17th century); House of the East India Company (1750), which now houses the Historical and Archaeological Museums; Fort Elfsborg; Getaplatsen square with Poseidon fountain. From this square begins the main street of the city – Avenue, there are many shops and restaurants, pubs and cafes, cinemas and entertainment centers. Along the Avenue also stand the Opera House and the Concert Hall, which is considered one of the best in the world.

There are 16 museums in Gothenburg, among which the most interesting are the City Museum, the Art Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Ross Museum (the only one in Sweden Museum of Artistic Crafts and Design), Museum of the History of Medicine, Museum of Banking, Observatory, Museum of Military History “Skansen Kronan”, Museum of Science “Experimentum”, Museum of Natural History and Museum of Navigation “Sjofarhistoriska Museumum”. The Gothenburg Museum of Art is the city’s leading museum with a good collection of contemporary art, especially French Impressionism. The works of Bonnard, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso are presented in the museum along with the sculpture of Miles and Rodin. The contemporary section includes works by Francis Bacon and Henry Moore. Sweden ‘s largest botanical garden is located in Gothenburg, with more than 12,000 species of plants, flowers, herbaceous and forest plants from all over the world. From Gothenburg

originates the famous Göta Canal, which connects the Kattegat and the Gulf of Bothnia. The ride is really impressive.

Malmö (Sweden)

According to Thedresswizard, Malmö is located in the very south of Sweden in the resort region of Skåne. Tourists will be amazed by the variety of museums in the city, the largest of which are the Museum of History and Art and the Art Museum with an excellent collection of paintings by Russian artists. Also of interest are the Gothic Church of St. Petrichiurka, built in 1319, the Renaissance Town Hall (1546) and Malmehus Castle.

Malmehus Castle is Scandinavia’s oldest urban castle in the Renaissance style. It was built in the 16th century and served as a fortress and a prison. Now a series of museums are located in and around the castle: the Art Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the City Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Science and Technology. Very beautiful central square of Malmö Lilla Torg, it is paved with cobblestones and surrounded by buildings from the 16th-18th centuries. In the very center of the city there are many parks where you can walk and relax. Through the Öresund Strait, Malmö is connected by a bridge to Copenhagen.

Through the Öresund Strait, with the help of a 6-kilometer bridge, Malmö is connected to Copenhagen.

Ore (Sweden)

Åre is Sweden ‘s most famous ski resort. It is located in the western part of the country, near the border with Norway, at the foot of the mountains, the highest of which is Oreskutan, 1429 m above sea level. The height difference in the Åre Predalh is on average 880 m. In 2001, the final competitions for the Alpine Skiing World Cup were held here.

The resort has trails of various difficulty levels, good technical equipment, and an extensive system of lifts. The resort is divided into four regions – Duved, Tegefjell, Ope and Bjornen, which are interconnected by bus lines. In Are about 100 tracks, with a total length of 82 km. At the foot of the mountains there are slopes more suitable for beginners – 12 “green” and 39 “blue” slopes, in the upper part of the resort skiers are offered 44 slopes – 39 “red” and 5 “black”, as well as 5 virgin slopes for extreme lovers. 50 ski lifts take skiers to the slopes daily. One of them – “kabinbanan” – its length is 2900 m, elevation difference – 853 m. It can serve 560 people per hour. The Duved

resort has a vertical drop of 1031 m, it is suitable for company and family holidays, and also offers opportunities for snowboarding. Bjornen resort is suitable for a family holiday, because there are schools for beginner skiers, where even children can be put on skis, a children’s center is also offered for families, children’s lifts work. The height difference in Bjornen is 727 m. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides, so there are no strong winds here, and the temperature is always 2-3 degrees higher than in other regions. There are flat trails that are laid in the forest. Tegefjell resort is suitable for snowboarders.

The resort has opportunities for reindeer and dog sledding, snow scooters, horseback riding, a huge number of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Sundsvall (Sweden)

Sundsvall is located in a natural harbor on the northeast coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. The city was founded in the first half of the 17th century. The city was the main woodworking center and an important trading center, through which timber was exported. Excursions to the High Coast region are organized from Sundsvall. Throughout its length, you can see ledges and rocks made of red granite, which seem to rise from the sea. This area, included in the World Heritage List, stretches over 100 km from north to south. In the center of it is the Skuluskogen National Park.

Sundsvall (Sweden)