Trossachs National Park

Travel to the UK

Britain offers everything from raw nature, authentic cities, idyllic landscapes and rushing waves of the sea. It is European culture at its peak and the British are always ready with open arms to welcome.

The UK is home to some absolutely stunning hiking trails, and the Scottish Highlands in particular offer raw, unspoilt countryside and long hiking trails that meander through the British mountains.

The United Kingdom is a state made up of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. On trips to the UK, you can therefore experience everything from the vibrant London to idyllic nature experiences in the Scottish Highlands. The British are known for their hospitality, and you can therefore also look forward to local experiences if you go a little outside the major cities.

At Tourist Travel, we offer hiking in the UK, which among other things takes you across Scotland. With Tourist Travel you can go hiking in the Highlands of Scotland, where you are allowed to experience the Scottish nature from its very best side. Look forward to views of high mountains, deep mountain lakes and rushing rivers on trips to the UK.

Climate and weather in the UK

The climate in the UK is often humid and rainy, due in part to the sea, which you are never far away from when traveling to the UK. However, the rain showers are often of short duration and therefore not something that is to much inconvenience. The average temperatures for London in summer are 20-11 degrees and 7-8 in winter.

Scotland and Wales are often wetter than the rest of the UK as these are affected by the Atlantic Ocean. It is therefore a good idea to pack your rainwear if you are going out and experiencing the nature of the UK. The wet climate is also the cause of the idyllic green nature that you can experience on trips to the UK.

You must experience this in the UK

Loch Lomond

It’s hard to believe your own eyes when you face Loch Lomond’s mirror – polished surface for the first time on a trip to the UK. Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater lake in the UK and it is one of the reasons why many hikers choose to make their way past the Scottish Highlands.

The lake has a surface area of ​​71 square kilometers and is surrounded by scenic mountains and snow-white mountain peaks. The lake is also home to many animal species – including seals that you may be lucky enough to spot on trips to the UK.

By the lake you will also find the “Loch Lomond Distillery”, which uses the water from the lake for the making of their whiskey. Here you can get an insight into the production and a taste of the “national drink” on trips to the UK.

Ben Nevis

On trips to the UK you can experience Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain, which measures a full 1,345 meters in height. You will find the mountain near Fort William, where the hike through the Scottish Highlands ends.

The mountain is known for its extreme weather conditions, and it is therefore not a mountain you just get involved with. Yet the mountain attracts more than 125,000 hikers a year.

Ben Nevis was once a huge active volcano, and one of the translations of the name is “the poisonous mountain”. However, you do not have to climb Ben Nevis on trips to the UK to enjoy its majestic exterior, as it is at least as beautiful from a distance.

Trossachs National Park

On Lake Loch Lomond on trips to the UK you will also find the Trossachs National Park. Trossachs National Park is an area that includes 21 mountains, two parks and over 50 nature reserves with rich wildlife.

The nature park is the first of its kind in Scotland and was established in 2002. The park is home to many different animal species including a number of bird species such as the iconic capercaillie that fascinates many visitors.

In addition to admiring the beautiful nature, there is also the opportunity for a number of activities in the national park. For example, you can experience Loch Lomonds from the water side with a kayak or boat trip on trips to the UK.

Cities to experience the UK


On trips to the UK, it is near impossible to get around the state’s vibrant capital London. London is the attraction for about 30 million tourists a year – and with good reason, there is not something you can not experience in the big city.

London is known for many huge tourist attractions such as Big Ben, the Tower of London and the London Eye. If you want to experience some attractions that are a little out of the ordinary on trips to the UK, stop by the 300-year-old tea shop Twinings Café or take a kayak trip on the River Thames.


Glasgow is the capital of Scotland and has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is packed with some of the country’s most beautiful architecture and is known for having one of the largest concentrations of creative industries outside London. On trips to the UK, you can therefore look forward to a culturally rich experience and a fantastic music scene.

If you are in doubt whether to choose to visit Glasgow or Edinburg on your trip, don’t worry; the two cities are only one hour apart and you can therefore easily reach them both on trips to the UK.


On walks to Scotland it is possible to experience the small charming town of Kinlochleven. The town is located on Scotland’s largest freshwater lake Loch Lomond and you can therefore enjoy the spectacular scenery while staying in the city on trips to the UK.

Due to its beautiful location, the town attracts many outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience the Scottish Highlands. The city offers, among other things, Ice Factor, which is a sports center where you can practice climbing in artificial surroundings on your trip to the UK.

Trekking in the UK

If you love hiking, then do not deceive yourself for a trip to the UK. Take, for example, all the way from Milngavie to Fort Williams in Scotland, while exploring the green highlands and enjoying the deep freshwater lakes and rushing rivers.

Questions and answers

Which countries belong to the UK?

The United Kingdom includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The capital is, as for England, London. On trips to the UK you can, among other things, go hiking in the Scottish Highlands.

How are the levels of difficulty on the hikes?

On all our hiking and trekking trips we have indicated the degree of difficulty . That way, it is easier for yourself to assess whether a given trip fits with your skills and preferences. If you are in doubt, you are always welcome to contact us .

What does Ben Nevis Mean?

Ben Nevis is the name of Scotland’s highest mountain that you can experience on trips to the UK. The name is said to mean two things: “the poisonous mountain” and “the mountain with its head in the clouds”. Then you are free to choose which translation you prefer.

Trossachs National Park