Tours to Botswana

Tours to Botswana

To see the real Africa, it is enough to book tours to Botswana! The uniqueness of the country is manifested in every look: the famous Chobe Elephant Park, the Kutse Nature Reserve, the Okavango River and the Limpopo River flowing into the desert, the Makkhadikhadi Salt Lake, the unique Kalahari Desert and inexhaustible placers of diamonds.

Holidays in Botswana will be a bright discovery of a small country with a big heart and with the same great tourism potential. Individual tours from Moscow and other regions, which are carefully selected by the tour operator in Botswana, are a great opportunity to visit not only natural African artifacts and reserves, but also to see the capital of the country, the city of Gaborone, with its art gallery and the ancient Ethnographic Museum. It is in the capital that the most prestigious hotels and restaurants with dishes that include meat of wild animals and unusual herbs are concentrated. In shopping centers and small shops of the city, you can buy the best products made of fur and leather, jewelry with diamonds at very low prices.

From the north, descending from the Angolan plateaus, the Okavango River comes to Botswana, which spreads across the Kalahari Desert with a huge delta – a unique landscape ecosystem with an area of ​​​​about 17 thousand square meters. km, consisting of hundreds of canals, channels and islands covered with greenery, where many animals and birds find food. The river does not flow anywhere, the water goes into the ground, soaking into the sand. A real wonder of the world. Botswana has more than 160 species of African animals, 550 species of birds, the world’s largest population of elephants – more than 70 thousand. Botswana is unique in the still preserved archaic way of life of the local population, a mixture of cultural traditions. At the same time, Botswana occupies one of the first places in Africa in terms of the production of GDP per capita. The country has not known armed conflicts since the end of the 19th century. Her well-being is built on diamond mining. Botswana is the world leader in diamond mining. Unlike many African countries, there is no black market here. It is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. For the most part, Russian tourists are familiar with only a small part of Botswana – the famous Chobe National Park adjacent to the Victoria Falls, where tourists stop by for a couple of days or on a day safari.

Requirements and restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19

Citizens of all countries are allowed to enter Botswana and there is no mandatory quarantine upon arrival. However, travelers will be required to remain in contact with local health authorities for 14 days by self-monitoring. They must fill out a traveler search form.

COVID-19 Protocols

– All persons entering Botswana must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated.

– On the plane or in the arrivals hall, you will be given a traveler search form, which must be turned in upon arrival.

– All travelers who are not fully vaccinated must present a valid original negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure for Botswana. Upon arrival, the traveler will be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination at the port of entry, which will be provided free of charge.

– Upon arrival, a rigorous health screening will be performed for symptoms of COVID-19.

– All travelers to Botswana will be required to take a rapid antigen test (free of charge). Results are provided within 15-20 minutes. Please keep this in mind when booking light aircraft flights. This also includes children.

– To leave Botswana, you will need to present a PCR test taken no earlier than 72 hours before departure (original certificate required) if you are not fully vaccinated. We can arrange testing at the lodge, or you can do a PCR test at Maun or Kasane Airport (reservation required) and the results come out within 24 hours, so you will need to spend the night in Maun or Kasane. We can arrange these for you either with testing at the lodge (not less than 36 hours notice) or in Maun or Kasane (test results within 24 hours), which means that you will need to spend the night in any of these cities, which we can arrange. We arrange this at the Okavango Air Rescue in Mauna or the Weigh Bridge Clinic in Kasane.

Tours to Botswana