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The Most Beautiful Streets That You Have To Discover

For me there is nothing better than discovering hidden alleys and beautiful corners in a strange city. Well-known sights can be seen by everyone, but the most interesting places are usually found by chance. Today I would like to dedicate an article to exactly these places, because today I am introducing you to the most beautiful streets in cities like Malta, Morocco and Dubrovnik. These alleys are really worth a visit.

Colmar, France – Amsterdam, France

If you look at photos of the small French town of Colmar , you can’t avoid comparing them to Amsterdam. Colorful houses lined up and small canals running through the alleys – you could really call Colmar the French Amsterdam. Just like in the Dutch capital, you will find numerous romantic alleys lined with cute houses. The old town in particular is full of beautiful spots and impresses with its authentic charm.

Chefchaouen, Morocco – Blue streets with a lot of charm

When I think of Morocco, I think of a colorful, happy country that is bursting with life. The same is true of the Chefchaouen province , known for its blue streets and houses. Strolling through the alleys here feels like in a fairy tale – the small town is simply unique. The paths are lined with colorful flower pots that add to the happy impression. Chefchaouen is also reminiscent of Greek cities like Mykonos, only that the houses are blue, not white. Here you will definitely find some of the most beautiful streets in the world.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – The Pearl of the Adriatic

There are many beautiful cities in Croatia, but Dubrovnik is a real highlight! The small holiday resort is not only popular with stars like Beyonce and Jay Z but also attracts numerous tourists every year. The old town of Dubrovnik is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site – no wonder with these historic, beautiful streets. Strolling through the small town is an absolute pleasure, as there are beautiful places to discover on every corner.

Mykonos, Greece – The perfect postcard motif

According to a2zcamerablog, Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece and can be found in almost every travel brochure. Given the beauty of the Cyclades island, this is not surprising, because it is really the perfect photo opportunity. White houses, winding streets and crystal clear water – Mykonos is an absolute dream destination. Especially the narrow streets in the old town are just magical. Anyone who walks along here immediately feels the typical “Greece flair”. If you’ve never been to Mykonos, you should definitely do so. Here I also have a cheap offer for you.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico – blue brick alleyways

Founded in the 16th century, Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in all of Puerto Rico. Part of it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unique, colorful houses and the alleys made of blue brick are the hallmarks of Old San Juan. If you are looking for the authentic Puerto Rico, you will love Old San Juan, because there are no tourist hotspots here.

London, Covent Garden – Charming neighborhoods and lots of multiculturalism

London is known for its numerous beautiful alleys and charming districts such as Notting Hill, which has been world famous since the Hollywood classic of the same name. The colorful houses of Notting Hill are a popular photo opportunity for tourists and simply give the district a very special atmosphere. When visiting London, you should definitely visit Camden. Most people think of Camden as Camden Market and all the crazy shops around; the atmosphere is really unique here. In the heart of London, between the busy streets that make up the Covent Garden district, there is a particularly colorful inner courtyard. Here you can shop, drink tea, eat and enjoy as your heart desires. I wouldn’t be the vacation guru if I didn’t have a great London deal for you too!

Prague, Czech Republic – The Golden Lane

Prague, Czech Republic

Anyone who has ever been to Prague knows what a magical atmosphere there is in the city on the Vltava. The old town is full of narrow streets waiting to be discovered. Particularly interesting is the fire alley, which is so narrow that pedestrian traffic has to be regulated by two traffic lights. Probably the most famous street is in Prague Castle: The Golden Lane. The houses here are so small that you have the feeling of being on the smallest street in the world. The sweet lane is best known for the fact that Franz Kafka once lived here. If you want to visit this charming alley yourself, check out this current Prague bargain .

Antwerp, Belgium – The crazy Zurenborg district

The port city of Antwerp is best known for the narrow houses that stick together like in Amsterdam. The Zurenborg district is particularly curious, because here you will find the craziest house facades. A ship that serves as a balcony, Greek temples and villas in Tuscany style – everything is possible here. Strolling through the neighborhood is like visiting Disneyland! Every house is a work of art in itself.

Pingyao, China – Ancient streets with a lot of history

The ancient city of Pingyao is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts many tourists every year. If you want to know what a Chinese city looked like hundreds of years ago, you should definitely go to Pingyao. The historic city wall in particular is a popular sight, but the beautiful alleys are also a real attraction.

Bibury, England – The prettiest village in England

The small village of Bibury in Gloucestershire couldn’t be more typical of England. Old, romantic streets, a green landscape and stone huts everywhere – the artist William Morris even described Bibury as the most beautiful village in England. You can easily find out for yourself whether this is really the case. From London you only need about 1 1/2 hours by train to Bibury.

Those were some of the most beautiful alleys in the world – of course there are thousands more but I wanted to present you my personal favorites list 😉 If you yourself know a few beautiful alleys that are absolutely must-see, leave me a comment and leave know it me!