The best travel destinations

The best travel destinations in Asia?

Are you dreaming of a holiday trip to fascinating Asian destinations?

Is 2021 finally the year when your dream comes true?

Read more below and see the top 5 travel destinations in 2021.

Singapore – an interesting melting pot of cultures

Singapore - an interesting melting pot of cultures

Singapore has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday: the heart of a big city, lush parks, great shopping, quaint beaches, exciting cultural experiences and delicious food.

Singapore is one of the smallest independent states in the world, but don’t let the size fool you! Namely, Singapore offers such a huge range of attractions, experiences and cultural sites that just a walk around the city is in itself an unforgettable experience.

One of the most interesting sites is Gardens by the Bay, which is an excellent example of Singaporean green architecture. In the middle of the park, the famous Supertree trees rise towards the sky in all the colors of the rainbow. A light show every night illuminates the trees incredibly beautifully, and the lights change from the loud sounds of the park to the rhythm of the echoing music.

If shopping is your thing, take advantage of the excellent shopping on Orchard Road and Marina Bay. In splendid malls, touring is a fun experience even when shopping is already done. Air-conditioned malls also act as cool boilers when mercury rises to a halt. Marina Bay Sands is a famous hotel and entertainment center whose architecture is worth seeing: on top of the three towers rests a kind of ship loaded full of fun things to do.

Singapore’s diverse food culture definitely deserves a special mention. Whether you’re looking for honest street food or Michelin restaurants, here you don’t have to suffer from hunger. The so-called Hawker Centers – found everywhere – are food markets where you can sit under the open sky and enjoy local delicacies. The city’s most famous food street is Keong Saik Road in China Town, with the best restaurants in Singapore in charming and well-preserved houses. Singapore is a true food paradise!

Want to explore Singapore’s diverse experience and fascinating cultures? Travel on a fascinating cultural trip to Singapore in 2020.

You can combine a city break in Singapore with our Bali tours .

Amed and Sidemen – “authentic” Bali

Amed and Sidemen - “authentic” Bali

Want to go adventures in pristine natural landscapes and snorkel amidst colorful corals and tropical fish? Located in East Bali, Sidemen and Amed offer authentic experiences and memorable experiences.

In Sidemen, stunningly beautiful, yet quite untouched Natural Landscapes await you. The largest tourist crowds have not yet found their way to Sidemen, so here you have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and relax completely. For example, take a leisurely hike to admire the picturesque rice terraces and lush plantations that grow coffee, cloves and a wide variety of tropical fruits such as poached fruit. The surface of the salak resembles the scaly skin of a snake, which is why the fruit is also called a snake egg here. Across the Sidemen Valley rises Bali’s largest volcano, the 3,000-meter-high Mt. Agung. The sunsets here are legendarily beautiful.

Amed some distance east of Sidemen, Amed is a diver’s paradise. The underwater world of the Amed region is unparalleled: Be enchanted by colorful corals and exotic seafood and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a charming fishing village at the end of a long day of diving. Snorkeling equipment and diving equipment can be rented from the beach, and one of the most popular dive sites is the so-called Japanese Wreck, located in one of the many small bays in the Amed area. Above the surface, you can enjoy peaceful walks on the dark volcanic sandy beaches or go hiking in the picturesque natural landscapes of Amed.

Want to experience authentic Bali? Be enchanted by the calm uncomplicated atmosphere of Sidemen and Amed.

Sri Lanka and Maldives – Southeast Asian pearls

Sri Lanka and Maldives - Southeast Asian pearls

Are you a cultural enthusiast, nature lover or beach holidaymaker? Why would you choose just one? By booking a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, you can combine all three: cultural delights, nature experiences and wonderful paradise beaches.

Sri Lanka has a huge amount to see and do. At Negombo’s lively fish market, for example, you can enjoy a genuine Sri Lankan atmosphere and see how important fishing is still for the locals. If, on the other hand, you want to pamper all your senses, travel to Matala, whose famous spice orchards grow both home-grown spice plants and more exotic varieties.

Sri Lanka’s many historical sites are also not to be overlooked. On the world-famous Sigirya Lion Rock, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating story of King Kashyapa. Kashyapa killed his father and stole the crown for himself, after which he built a palace resembling a huge lion on top of a high hill. However, he did not have time to enjoy his palace for very long, for only a few years later his own brother overthrew him from power. The cave temples of Dambulla are another interesting attraction. King Valagamba built temples as early as the first century share. The caves have countless statues and sculptures depicting the Buddha, ancient Sri Lankan kings and various gods and goddesses.

Located near Sri Lanka, the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia according to Countryaah. The Maldives includes a total of 1,190 islands and atolls that make up 26 smaller archipelagos. The islands are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, blue sea and turquoise lagoons.

The whitewashed paradise beaches and clear waters make the Maldives a perfect destination for diving, snorkelling and beach holidays. In the morning, you should wake up early to enjoy the incredibly beautiful sunrise, when you can also spot storks on the water’s edge. In the shade of the palm trees, comfortable hammocks await you, where you can laze. Once you’ve had enough rest, new adventures await below sea level. The underwater world of the Maldives is incredibly fine: colorful fish, special marine animals and beautiful corals are enough for the unseen.

What would a casual beach vacation in the Maldives sound like? Explore Sri Lanka’s cultural sites, enjoy the captivating natural scenery and pamper yourself on a luxurious beach holiday in the beautiful Maldives.

Modulkiri, Cambodia – an elephant center in the jungle

Modulkiri, Cambodia - an elephant center in the jungle

If you dream of exciting jungle adventures and endearing animal experiences, Cambodia is a great option for a 2020 travel destination.

The strengths of Cambodia in Southeast Asia are its rich history and unique attractions on a global scale, the most significant of which are the ruin complexes of Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat . Great nature experiences are also offered by Tonle Sap, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, the fabulous Mekong River, lush rice, pepper and banana plantations, and jungles with elephants living free, among other things.

If elephants are your favorites, Mondulkiri is the perfect holiday destination. In Mondulkir, you can visit an NGO-run elephant center and hike in the jungle where you can see elephants in their natural habitat. Members of the Indigenous Bunong people of Cambodia have a long tradition of working with elephants and helping endangered or otherwise in need of care. During the trip, you will also be able to visit an “elephant hospital” where sick and injured elephants will be treated.

an idol trek travels along ancient forest paths and follows the movement of elephants through a dense jungle. Patience is rewarded when, among the branches, you see the first gray giants crawling on the leaves of trees for food.

Want to see how people collaborate unselfishly to help wildlife? Pack your hiking boots and embark on an exciting adventure in Mondulkir, Cambodia.

Hué, Vietnam – an imperial city and an enchanting fortress

Hué, Vietnam - an imperial city and an enchanting fortress

Vietnam offers everything you would expect from a holiday: beautiful nature, sunny sandy beaches, hospitable people, historical treasures and fascinating cultural sites.

If you are interested in history and impressive architecture, the imperial town of Hue, next to the coast, is the perfect destination.

When the Nguyễn dynasty came to power in 1802, the Vietnamese capital was moved from northern Hanoi to Hué in central Vietnam. Hué remained the capital until 1945. The Nguyen rulers built a glorious fortress in the city, the architecture of which mimicked the Forbidden City of Beijing. The fortress, which grew on the banks of the Perfume River, served as the emperor’s residence and the center of Vietnam’s imperial power. Many of the buildings were damaged during the Indochina War and later during the bombing of the Vietnam War, but today the historic Palaces and Temples have been largely restored with UNESCO assistance.

Fortunately, so! A visit to the Imperial Fortress of Hué is an impressive experience not to be missed on a trip to Vietnam. The entrance to the fortress is past the Perfume River. After the entrance, you can see large brick buildings with scratches and cracks visible on the bright blue, yellow and red surfaces tell of past fights. As you tour the fortress, you will see, among other things, the Flag Tower, the Nine Holy Cannons, a burnt library, magnificent squares, beautiful gates and small gardens.

Want to learn about Hué’s history on site? Travel to the imperial city and be impressed by the splendor of times gone by.

The best travel destinations