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Tajikistan Travel Guide

Tajikistan is a country located in Asia with name that begins with letter T. Tajikistan is almost twice the size of Austria, but has a population of just under 8 million. In the west of the country, near the border with Uzbekistan, is the capital Dushanbe, with 720,000 residents also the largest city in the country. The official language is Tajik, a dialect of Persian. In contrast to Iran, the Cyrillic script is used instead of the Persian script. Russian is also a widely spoken language.

Due to the altitude and low annual rainfall, deserts, semi-deserts and steppes dominate the landscape. Forests are rare and only take up about 4% of the national territory (for comparison: Austria 48%, Germany 32%). Check Countryaah to find more countries that begin with letter T.

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Entry and visa

A passport that is valid for at least six months and a visa are required to enter Tajikistan. For the autonomous region of Berg-Badachschan / Pamir, an additional permit is required, which can be applied for at the Tajik embassy at the same time as the visa.


The Tajik climate is extreme. In the capital Dushanbe, for example, temperatures of up to 45 °C are not uncommon in summer, while the values ​​in winter can be well in the double-digit minus range. In the mountain regions, temperatures below -50 C are measured in winter. The summer months are also cooler in the mountain regions than in the cities. Rainfall is generally rare and usually falls in the winter months.

Food and drink

Tajik cuisine is hearty and often very spicy. Mainly sheep or mutton are processed and are served in numerous variations: in the form of filled, cooked pasta (“manty”), with rice and beets as the national dish “Palov” or grilled on a skewer. Flatbread is served with almost all dishes. A popular snack are “Tschiburecki” – dumplings baked in fat with a wide variety of fillings. Tea or kefir are preferred with this.

Medical advice

No vaccinations are required for entry. Travel health insurance including repatriation insurance is recommended as medical care does not meet European standards.

Thorough hygiene (such as frequent hand washing) and avoiding the consumption of raw fruit, salads and tap water are just as advisable as taking a first-aid kit with you. Travelers in the border region with Afghanistan should also consider malaria prophylaxis. In the Pamir region, due to the altitude, a few days of acclimatization should definitely be planned.

Cultural characteristics

Tajik families usually greet guests warmly with tea, flatbread and yak butter. When eating, you sit on mats on the floor in a circle around the common bowl, from which you eat with your right hand.

During Ramadan, smoking, eating and drinking are not welcome during the day.

Special provisions

Drug offenses are strictly prosecuted and the penalties are draconian.

Climate and travel time

Tajikistan is located in the arid subtropical climate zone. The climate is extremely continental with cold winters and hot summers. Except in the valley and basin regions, where there is a subtropical, humid climate, temperatures of up to 45 °C are reached in the summer months. There are large temperature differences between the lower and higher regions of the country. The annual rainfall is relatively low, so steppe vegetation predominates. In the Fergana Basin, the amount of precipitation is just 140 mm per year. Only the southern slopes of the Hissar Mountains are very rainy with 1700 mm per year.

The ideal travel time for longer activities in the mountains is therefore limited to the summer months from June to September.

All about money

Currency: Somoni (TJS)

For taking with you from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, we strongly recommend US $ in the form of cash, different denominations, newer printing date and in undamaged condition ! US dollars are preferred. You can take cash in EURO with you as a reserve. One dollar notes and older banknotes will not be changed!

There are also ATMs in the capital. if you have your debit card with you, make sure with your bank that the card is activated for Tajikistan during your stay.

Errors and changes excepted.

Other essential information

Time difference

Tajikistan is +4 hours ahead of our winter time and +3 hours ahead of our summer time.


The mains voltage in Tajikistan is 220 volts. The tension is just not always the same because it often fluctuates very strongly. In the smaller villages, electricity may only be available by the hour, but in some cases a blackout can affect larger cities.

During the multi-day hike you will be accommodated in tents. There are no charging options here. Please bring enough batteries with you for your camera and headlamp. A solar panel may also be a good choice for days in the mountains.

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