• Kurumkan, Republic of Buryatia (Russia)
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    Kurumkan, Republic of Buryatia (Russia)

    According to Sourcemakeup, the city of Kurumkan is located on the western slope of the Barguzin Range in the northeastern part of Buryatia. It is the administrative center of Kurumkansky district. The region of the Barguzin Ridge is difficult to…

  • Climate of Russia
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    Climate of Russia

    The main land wealth of Russia is a wide strip of chernozem soils, stretching from the headwaters of the Don (Kursk and Oryol regions) to the headwaters of the Yenisei (Republic of Khakassia). The main agricultural production is concentrated here…


    Sochi Travel Guide

    In Sochi you can enjoy the mountains and the beaches of the Black Sea. The Olympic city of Sochi is the most popular beach resort in Russia. Beaches and spas fill the city with tourists The waves of the Black…