• Bari (Italy)

    What to See in Piedmont (Italy)

    Asti, Piedmont (Italy) The city of Asti is located on the slopes of the Monferrato hills in the southern part of the Piedmont region, about 55 km southeast of Turin. This part of Piedmont is known for its gastronomic traditions.…

  • Resorts in Italy

    Resorts in Italy

    Piombino Piombino ) – the port city is located on the shores of the strait of the same name, on a cape where the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas meet, opposite the island of Elba. This is an…

  • Italy Tertiary

    Italy Tertiary

    In the tertiary sector, as a whole, a large number of sole proprietorships have been created, often characterized by considerable innovative capacities, although heavy job losses have been recorded within the same sector. Recent evolution has in fact presented very…

  • Italy Politics and Law

    Italy Politics and Law

    As a country located in South Europe according to Countryaah, Italy includes parts of the crystalline western and central Alps (Alps) in the west and north, as far as Lake Lugano, and parts of the southern limestone Alps with the…