• Crete, Greece

    Crete, Greece

    Crete is an island with clear, warm seas and numerous beaches, bright sunshine and cool starry nights, well known for its archaeological sites and magnificent nature. Crete – area 8336 sq. km. population – 620 thousand people. This is the…

  • Greece Figurative Arts

    Greece Figurative Arts

    Greek art developed throughout the first millennium BC. C. The Homeric poems, which are like the beginning of the spiritual life of the Greeks, are ascribed to the dawn of this; and indeed this life seems to be inaugurated by…

  • Greece Dialectal Varieties

    Greece Dialectal Varieties

    Since ancient times, Greek has a great variety of forms. Each region, each city reveals its own language; each literary genre has a linguistic form consecrated by tradition, but treated differently by each author. These varieties fall into a number…

  • Lindos on Rhodes

    Sights in Rhodes

    The Greek island of Rhodes belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. The unique, picturesque island landscape with its fascinating beaches and the warm, sunny…