• Tbilisi, Georgia

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    The Georgian capital Tbilisi is a hospitable and full of joy city. It is located on the banks of the Kura River, at the crossroads of the main trade routes between Europe and Asia. Previously, Tbilisi was called Tiflis, and…

  • Georgia Economy

    Georgia Geography and Economy

    Geography According to Allcitycodes, Georgia has more than half of its surface above 1,000 meters of altitude, which makes it the most mountainous country in the Transcaucausia. The southern region of the Caucasus is an important forest area in which…

  • Georgia 1

    Georgia Travel Guide

    Georgia is a country located in Asia with name that begins with letter G. The Middle East state of Georgia covers an area roughly the size of Bavaria and has a population of almost 4.3 million. The former Soviet republic,…