Sochi Travel Guide

In Sochi you can enjoy the mountains and the beaches of the Black Sea. The Olympic city of Sochi is the most popular beach resort in Russia.


Beaches and spas fill the city with tourists

The waves of the Black Sea and the warm climate have made Sochi a popular beach destination among Russians. The city has about 400,000 permanent residents.

By its nature, this bustling city is distinctively representative of the Soviet era, and Stalin already had his own villa in Sochi.

In addition to the spas built as workers’ resorts, party leaders from Brezhnev also vacationed here in lush conditions . Even today, big names are enough: Russian President Vladimir Putin is also regularly seen on the ski slopes of the nearby mountains .

Tourist season from May to September

Built for the Sochi Olympics with 40,000 spectators, the pulling stadium is one of the city’s landmarks, but the most important thing in the beach town is, of course, the beach itself. By nature, Sochi’s beaches are rocky, but to please holidaymakers, they are padded with imported sand.

Sochi’s actual tourist season begins in May and ends in late September. The busiest is in July and August, when the price level also rises.

In addition to beach holidays, you can also enjoy the joys of winter in the area. The nearby Krasnaya Pojana mountain range in the Caucasus offers diverse winter sports opportunities and the infrastructure built for the Olympics expands the tourist’s options even further.

Conditions guarantee light powder snow in the mountains and good downhill conditions for up to 140-180 days a year.

The Olympics brought major construction projects

Sochi’s ambitious development projects brought the city a timed facelift for the Olympics and a new subway, for example. The permanence of the overall change is still being speculated.

For example, the Rosa Khutor ski resort was built from scratch in less than ten years. The mountain villages in the area have undergone tremendous changes, accompanied by the Olympics.