Singapore General Information

Singapore General Information

Singapore is an incredible blend of East and West, an amazing fusion of old and new. Nowhere else in the world can one find such green, shining clean streets; Singapore even got the name `garden city`. Three great Asian cultures are represented here. In addition to the Chinese district, Singapore also has Little India, Arab Street and an area dominated by Malay culture.


Singapore dollar (S$)

One Singapore dollar is equal to 100 cents. There are banknotes in circulation in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 10,000 Singapore dollars.


Singapore visa costs $15 and is issued within 4 business days. To apply for a visa, you need a passport, three photos 3 x 4, a round-trip ticket, and two copies of a special questionnaire in English. A visa is usually issued for two weeks. It is not required to stay in Singapore for 36 hours. In this case, you only need a ticket to the country where the tourist is directly sent, being a traveler in Singapore. After a two-week period, you need to renew your visa at the Immigration Service (`Immigration Office` is located in Pidemco Center, tel. 532 – 2877). Consular fee – 15 US dollars


It is ahead of Minsk by 5 hours in summer and by 6 hours in winter.


The small tropical island of Singapore lies one degree north of the equator. The area of ​​the state has 626 square meters. km, including 57 small islands scattered around the main island and mostly uninhabited. In its northern part, Singapore is connected to Malaysia by a 1 km long causeway in the city of Johor Bahru.


The climate is tropical. The northeast monsoon blows from December to March, the southeast monsoon blows from June to September, during this period it is easier for a European who is not accustomed to the heat to breathe. In the intervals between monsoons, in April-May and October-November, there are often short-term and heavy downpours and often thunderstorms. It produces a large amount of precipitation, about 2500 ml per year. The first sensation that a tourist experiences when stepping on the land of Singapore: a thin wet film envelops from head to toe. The air humidity here is 99%, you should pay attention to this when choosing a wardrobe.

Behavior rules

The punishment for drug use in Singapore is very severe. Anyone who brings into the country more than 30 grams of morphine or 15 grams of heroin faces the death penalty.

Sanitary standards

No special vaccinations are required to stay in Singapore.

Customs regulations

The import of drugs, psychotropic drugs, firecrackers, lighters in the form of weapons, toy coins and paper banknotes, pornographic literature and video cassettes, meat and meat products is prohibited. For the export of weapons, explosives, animals, poisons, medicines, precious stones and jewelry (in quantities exceeding personal needs), a permit is required.

Passengers departing on an international flight will be charged an airport tax of US$12. The fee is not charged for passengers who do not leave the transit zones and children under the age of 2 years. A vaccination certificate is not required. Baggage allowance – 20 kg. Over – surcharge for 1 kg. weight at customs control.


Any time of the year is suitable for a trip to Singapore. At the beginning of winter, you can hang out and watch the local festivals. In July, there are large sales and culinary festivals. Cosmopolitan Singapore celebrates a wide variety of holidays throughout the year. At the beginning of winter, Chinatown does not close its eyes, celebrating the onset of the Chinese New Year. During Ramadan, stalls with oriental sweets appear in the evenings in the Arab quarter. The noisy three-day festival of Hari Raya Puasa ends the holy month of Muslims. In the middle of spring, believers release birds into the wild, marking the onset of the Buddhist holiday of Vesak. In May or June, you can watch the Dragon Boat Festival, during which a large regatta takes place in Marina Bay. In September, Chinese opera actors appear on the streets of Singapore, taking part in ceremonies dedicated to the Hungry Ghost Festival. In October, an interesting Hindu festival, Thaipusam, is held, banned in India due to its masochistic bias.


Embassy address in Russia

Embassy of Singapore in Moscow:

121099, Russia, Moscow, per. Kamennaya Sloboda, 5

Phone: (+7 095) 241–3702, 241–3913

Fax: (+7 095) 241–7895

Email: [email protected]

Documents for a visa

Individual visa:

1.Original passport (with an expiration date of at least 6 months, on the day the documents are submitted to the embassy)

2.2 photo

  1. Hotel booking

4.Air tickets or ticket booking confirmation with stamp

  1. Personal data

The procedure for issuing a visa and the terms of production

Visa processing time – 4 days

Registration fee — $40


water cruise

Departing from Clifford Pier, you will sail along the bay, admiring the panorama of the city. Then you will sail past the picturesque South Islands, where numerous ships and boats are moored. The tour also includes a stop at Kusu Island with a visit to an ancient Chinese temple.


We invite you to visit the Singapore Zoo in the morning, spread over 28 hectares, where you will see more than 3,000 animals from all over the world living in their usual surroundings. They are fenced off from the audience only by natural barriers, and you can watch them while walking. Then your attention will be offered a concert in which amazing “stars” will take part: snakes, orangutans, elephants, bears.

Dinner Cruise on the Chen Ho Imperial Ship

Admiral Chen Ho holds a place of honor in history as an emissary of the Chinese emperor who visited many parts of the globe, including Singapore and Malaysia, in the 15th century. The admiral crossed the Indian Ocean seven times, under his command was a squadron of 60 ships with 27,000 people. An exact replica of the Chen Ho, the famous ship of the admiral, was built in 1991 and is a comfortable and safe vessel. During a magnificent evening boat trip, dinner is served as a buffet with a variety of local and international dishes.

Night safari

The tour begins with a trip to the northern part of Singapore, where the “Night Safari” is located – 40 hectares of land adjacent to the zoo. On the territory covered with untouched tropical forest, there are many animals that can be clearly seen with special artificial lighting. Traveling in an electric car, you can admire the behavior of animals in natural conditions. At the same time, there is a feeling that you are in the heart of the wild and vast jungle. Hiking trails through the jungle are available for the adventurous.


On a short funicular ride, enjoy a scenic bird’s-eye view of the silhouetted buildings and the huge port. The excursion to the island begins with a visit to the Wax Museum. From here, a monorail train will take you to the underwater world – the largest tropical aquarium in Asia, which contains more than 6,000 specimens of marine animals of various types and sizes. The trip around the island ends with a half-hour musical fountain show in the evening.

Bird park in Jurong

The bird park, located on 20 hectares of land, is covered with lush vegetation. More than 8,000 birds of more than 600 species feel at home here. Take a ride in an air-conditioned train from where you can admire the panorama of the park. Enjoy also a wonderful bird show, educational and beautiful at the same time, which will appeal to people of all ages.

City Tour

The sightseeing tour of the city begins with a trip to the colonial center of Singapore, where the Houses of Parliament, the Supreme Court and City Hall are located. Then you will proceed to the charming Chinatown (Chinatown), where well-preserved Chinese temples and traditional Chinese shops operate. Then you will climb Mount Faber, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the skylines of the city. This will be followed by a visit to the local craft center and, finally, the National Orchid Garden, located within the boundaries of the extraordinarily beautiful Botanical Gardens. The last stop is Little India, a colorful settlement filled with the scents of spices.

Singapore General Information