Semijoias and Accessories By Rowland

Comes out station station … and they are still on the rise: it is impossible to deny the power of accessories! There is no woman who could withstand a beautiful pair of earrings, a powerful ring, a stylish bracelet or a simple necklace. Accessories complement the clothes, express our personal style and make an important role in non-verbal communication, we do through our image. They group the look and can be the highlight of the production. You’ve noticed that it’s been a while since we do not speak here on the blog on semijoias and accessories? But we have not forgotten them, actually, we were just waiting for the bombastic news they were coming around and, for the nooossa joy, they arrived!!! Uhuuull … has many beautiful things to share with you!

Yesterday was day release on ROWLAND SEMIJOIAS and we went over there, check out well to close the novis the collection spring/summer 2014. There there girls … arrived so many beauties! The pieces are beautiful, full of styles, design, flowers, a few more classics, anyway, everything you love and want. Super palpiteco for those seeking accessories with a touch of refinement and sophistication. The always rock the choices, Anushree are fans!!! Is clarooo that we take this opportunity to register for you a little bit of “temptations” … kkkkkkkkk … you suffer and we suffer here. It’s impossible to resist!

Let’s go girls?

Check out our flashes and inspire in accessories of ROWLAND SEMIJOIAS!!!

Check the belts that also just arrived …

How to control the consumerist impulse like that?

We want tuuudooo! We’re in love!

The ROWLAND SEMIJOIAS stands in the Courtyard Avenidaon Avenida Afonso Thinks, no. 5420, 12/13 Store.


Réinventez vos tenues avec des accessoires de mode chics

Réinventez vos tenues avec des accessoires de mode chics


Decoração para Lojas de Bijuterias

Decoração para Lojas de Bijuterias


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Image 20

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