Maldives Interesting Facts

Maldives Interesting Facts

Holidays in the Maldives have always attracted wealthy gentlemen from all over the world. The Maldives is truly a paradise on our not always prosperous planet. Throughout the year, summer weather prevails here, the temperature of air and water is always sufficient for a comfortable stay.

Tours to the Maldives will open you the world of cloudless blue skies, amazingly clear sea and white sand, strikingly reminiscent of flour.

Trips to the Maldives are dangerous. Because after visiting the Maldives, many have a burning desire to stay here forever. Diving enthusiasts will not hesitate to choose a vacation in the Maldives among all possible options. The waters around the Maldives offer an amazing variety of marine life. Diving into clear water, you can see octopuses, reef sharks, moray eels, huge sea turtles, and a great variety of colorful fish, which seem to have been painted by a tipsy art lover.
And all this is available to you every day right near your hotel, if you have become the proud owner of a trip to the Maldives. How so? Very simple. In fact, the hotel infrastructure of the Maldives is subject to one rule – one hotel is built on each island.
You can rent a bungalow not only on land, but also on the water. This is a truly unique phenomenon, available only to those who purchase tours to the Maldives.

Imagine that you can observe the richest underwater world without leaving the bungalow through a completely transparent glass floor. Fishing lovers will not leave the Maldives indifferent. Fishing here is pure pleasure. And the chefs of the restaurant of your hotel will be happy to cook any dish you want from your catch.

According to Act-Test-Centers, the archipelago has been inhabited for over 2,000 years.

The main means of transport are sailing and motor boats.

Grow – coconut palm (the main crop), also bananas, vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes, breadfruit.

Bringing alcohol to the Maldives is prohibited. Citizens of the Maldives are prohibited from selling alcohol, and you can drink only in specially designated places.

The Maldives is an Islamic state. For walks in settlements, it is recommended to wear long trousers or a skirt, as well as a light shirt (but not a T-shirt). When visiting restaurants, strict evening wear is generally not needed. When visiting mosques, clothing should cover the legs and arms. Shoes should be removed and feet washed in ritual pools. Bringing alcohol to the Maldives is prohibited. You can only drink in specially designated places – bars and restaurants of hotels, where visitors are served by visitors from Sri Lanka and India, since citizens of the Maldives are prohibited from selling alcohol. What else characterizes the Maldives alcohol prices are average.

January 1 – New Year
beginning of January – Eid al-Fitr
March – Eid al-Kebir (Day of Sacrifice)
beginning of April – Islamic New Year
June 4-5 – National holiday of the Republic of Maldives
June 15 – Mulud (Milad an Nabi, Birthday of the Prophet)
July 6-7 – National holiday dedicated to the expulsion of the Portuguese occupiers in 1573
July 26-27 – Independence Day, the holiday of the adoption of the declaration of independence of the Maldives in 1965
September 1 – Hurawi Day October
28 – Martyrs’ Day
November 3 – Victory Day
November 9 – Day of the Sacrifice
November 11-12 – Republic Day
December 25-26 – Christmas
Religious holidays fall on different dates in the Muslim lunar calendar. All religious events in the Islamic calendar begin at sunset and last until the next sunset. Friday in the Maldives is a day off.

Useful tips
In hotels, almost all services are provided on credit and upon presentation of a hotel card. As a rule, after the amount of services provided reaches 700 US dollars, it is necessary to pay the debt, after which the loan is renewed. Payment of bills and services in hotels can be made in cash US dollars or credit cards.
For walks in Male and the inhabited islands, one should dress in accordance with Muslim ideas about morality – long trousers or a skirt, shirt or blouse. Drinking alcohol in public places (outside the resort area) is strictly prohibited.
Nudism and topless are prohibited on all islands of the archipelago, as well as spearfishing, you can not collect live or dead corals in the ocean or close to the coast.
The country is very careful about the preservation of the environment. Do not throw empty cans, tin, glass and plastic bottles and other rubbish on the islands. Use the waste bins provided for this.
Violation of the traditions and laws of the country can lead to high fines and even imprisonment.
Shark jaws are a favorite souvenir for tourists to remember the Maldives. In Male, they buy mainly handicrafts and light summer clothes. Tipping is usually given at a rate of 10% of the amount indicated on the bill.

Hepatitis A vaccination is not required, but a hepatitis A vaccination is recommended. It is better to bring some stock of medicines with you, since there are no pharmacy kiosks in the resorts, and your own fumigator with a supply of plates can also be useful. Wear sunscreen even on cloudy days and keep your T-shirt on when snorkeling.

It is forbidden to import into the country alcoholic beverages, even those purchased in Duty Free, any materials of erotic content, drugs, weapons. Turtle shells and corals are not allowed to be exported, except in decorative items.

Maldives Interesting Facts