1. Try to choose a bracelet, in harmony with the shape of your hand onto your TV. For very thin limbs are not suitable decoration great – they underscore the thinning. On them their best option would narrow product. With broad wrists, on the other hand, large bracelets come in comfortable – they distract the few shortcomings appearance. If are happy owner of fine hand, you can experiment with jewelry and jewelry each set. Model-strings underline the elegance of the image and massive.
2. Follow the fashion trends and match decorative combinations that really convenient. Today is permissible to wear the bracelet on two hands, combine them with the clock of metal or leather leash. Even office with a strict dress code stylists allow a combination of prestigious Swiss watches and bracelets simple shapes and soothing colors (beige, pearl, chocolate). Outside work, you can just hand strung on a huge variety of products: bracelets, beads, trinkets, silver and gold chains.
3. In pursuit of fashion do not forget about harmonious way, trying to create an ensemble of bracelets. Formed of numerous awards conventional groups. For example “popular” – a large number of bright colored products with ethnic trinkets, baubles adorn the hands of pearls or thread. “Punk Rock “- bracelets in a tight range of colors (black metallic). Jointly used items small and impressive size, smooth and with thorns metal and dark skin.” Classic “- a little bracelet, which must be located on one side; skin rope natural tones and relaxing hours the color of the strap. “Casual” and “minimalism” – bright decoration of contrasting colors that are able to completely transform concise daily toilet.
4. Think about what it will bring bracelets. Fashion a large number of decorations on hand to help you with the selection of clothes, makeup and accessories – some components of the decorative elements will be combined with any other object of your wardrobe and makeup. For example: the current model fancy bracelets mineral grains become one of the hallmarks of the stylish ethnic dress – tunic or dress of Indian shawls, totem pendants and amulets, beach bags and sandals with beads and strips sequins. Everything it would be best decision to break vacation.