Tivat, Montenegro

How to Get to Tivat, Montenegro

During the season, planes of Aeroflot, Pobeda, Ural Airlines, departing from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as charters from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara and other cities of Russia land at the Tivat airport.

Railway routes from Russia pass through several European capitals. Traveling with 1-2 transfers takes at least 3 days. Trains arrive at the railway station in Bar, from where it takes an hour by taxi or 1.5 hours by bus to Tivat. Own car gives complete freedom from schedules. All roads on the way are of excellent quality, with a developed infrastructure, but in some places they are paid. Check jibin123 for customs regulations and visa requirements of Montenegro.


Public transport in Tivat is represented by buses and taxis. However, the town itself can be walked around in half an hour, so there is no special need for it. The network of bus routes consists of 5 lines and is at the same time intercity – buses also go to neighboring villages – Krasici, Radovichi, Lepetane and Kotor. Travel time from one end of the city to the other is about 15 minutes, the cost depends on the distance. For example, travel from Tivat to Lepetan will cost 1.5 EUR, to Kotor – 1.7-2.5 EUR. Tourists should check the bus schedule, as they run quite rarely – on average once every two hours. The prices on the page are for November 2021.

Taxi in Tivat is inexpensive, so many people prefer this particular mode of transportation. A trip within the city costs 2-5 EUR, for 15 EUR they will take you to neighboring villages.

The ferry crossing is a 15-minute drive from the city – in the village of Lepetane. By ferry, you can reach the village of Kamenari in 10 minutes and thereby save 30 km of travel, heading to Herceg Novi or neighboring Croatia. During the day, ferries for 50-70 cars run constantly in the bay, the price of transporting a car is about 10 EUR. Passengers without vehicles sail for free.

A convenient and fast way to move between cities, islands, beaches and coastal restaurants of the Bay of Kotor is a water taxi. The cost of a 6-seat taxi boat from Tivat to Perast is about 60 EUR, to Kumbor – about 70 EUR.

Bicycles for rent

There are 6 Bike Tivat bike rental stations in Tivat, located in the most crowded places in the city. To use them, you need to contact the Tourist Information Office. Rental price – 2 EUR / hour. You can also take a bike in some hotels (La Roche, Jelena, etc.), as well as in bike shops (there are road and mountain shops, 7-15 EUR / day, deposit – at least 50 EUR).

Rent of yachts and boats

Tivat is one of the largest centers in the Mediterranean for renting sailing yachts and boats. You can take a small open boat for 7 people for a week for 600-1500 EUR, depending on the season. Driving skills are optional – you can hire a skipper, which will increase the cost by 400 EUR. The most popular are motor-sailing catamarans for 10-12 people with cabins at a price of 2700-4500 EUR / week (skipper services – plus 1000 EUR). For those who have lost track of money – luxury 19-33-meter yachts with a crew – from 15,000 to 150,000 EUR / week.

Tivat Hotels

In Tivat, where glamor and democracy organically converged, there are hotels for wallets of any thickness. The most prestigious is Regent Porto Montenegro with a spa, restaurants and other five-star pleasures. The minimum cost of a double room in July-August is 370 EUR per day, but you should take care of booking it in advance. In the low season, the price is reduced by 1.5-2 times.

4 * hotels attract with a convenient location on the first line, large territories, the presence of swimming pools, restaurants and, often, quite a moderate cost – from 80 EUR. True, the price reaches 350 EUR. The most popular are 3 * hotels with an optimal ratio of service and price within 35-150 EUR.

It is worth noting that there are 19 hotels in the resort, the rest is the private sector, guesthouses. However, by 2023, new luxury hotels with 240 and 200 rooms, respectively, will appear in the Lustica Bay marina and Porto Montenegro harbor.

The budget option is to settle for 40-100 EUR in a villa or apartment for 2-6 people who do not claim any “stardom”. There is also a reason, focusing on the “sope” signs – rooms, to look for housing in the private sector. Even in summer, without pre-booking, you can find options for 35 EUR per night.

Rent a Car

You can rent a car at the airport, city offices of rental companies or order at a hotel. Both international companies (Avis, Enterprise, Sixt, etc.) and local ones (DAX, MCR Elite, Meridian) are represented. The cost of renting an economy class car, for example, Ford Fiesta, is from 50 EUR per day or 300 EUR per week.

The roads around Tivat are narrow – with one lane for traffic in each direction. Morning and evening traffic jams are common.

There are no paid parking lots on the streets, but there are many “No Parking” signs. There are parking lots with barriers on the embankments and near the beaches. The cost is gentle – about 1 EUR / hour, with the exception of Porto Montenegro (2.5 EUR / hour). Parking at Tivat airport – 1 EUR / hour. The number of free parking spaces in the city center is limited. In case of violation of traffic rules, the police seize the rights and set a date for the trial. True, sometimes sincere repentance, backed up by a 20 or 50 EUR bill, is enough.

Tivat, Montenegro