“Help! My Engagement Ring Is Horrible”

They are in a romantic dinner provided with champagne. Suddenly he begins to talk about how important you are in your life, and when less you realize, is already kneeling in front of you.Take out a box, opened and horror! It contains a horrifying ring. Your excitement becomes a huge disappointment to see the gem that you will have to use for the rest of your life: a gem huge and showy, when what you wanted was something small and discreet.

Help My Engagement Ring Is Horrible

It sounds like a story of terror, right? Before you get angry or resign yourself, take a deep breath and analyzes what your options are.

Does Not Say It At The Time

At the time of the proposal, avoids tell you do not like the ring chose. You could ruin the moment! Accept it with taste (of course, if you want to get married with him) and enjoy the experience. Already then look for the way to amend his mistake.

Choose A Private Moment

Forget about walking everywhere saying that you hate your ring. In an intimate moment, tell him gently that you would feel more comfortable using a ring of different features to you. Let her know how special that made you feel when you asked your hand, and how much you appreciate all he has done for you. Teach her the ring that you would like to have and ask if they could change it. Say nothing could cause resentment in the future.

Be Realistic

Keep your feet on the ground and think of an option that is within your budget. You can also ask to make some changes to your gem rather than buy another.

It Provides For

Although there are many ordered hand surprise, almost all the girls can sense when your partner asked marriage. If this is your case, go to your nearby friends to tell them what is your idea of a perfect ring. It is likely that your boyfriend look for them to ask for help.