Fernanda Oliva: Keep Your Jeweler at the Forefront

Elegant and sober, innovative and classic, detailed and fascinating, these are the characteristics that every woman looks to keep in her wardrobe and the Argentine designer Fernanda Oliva gives you the perfect alternative for your accessories.

Fernanda Oliva Keep Your Jeweler at the Forefront

After two years in Spain, she returns to her homeland Argentina in 2010, inspired and armed with expertise in chiselling and gold work, she launches to the creation of contemporary pieces, combining severe angles with refined curves so that intricate and unique jewels are born.

A hobby that turned out to be a way of life

It begins with just thirteen years of her long journey to become the distinguished designer that is today, what began as a simple hobby in the summers making jewelry in thread, beads and snails of Monte Hermoso, Argentina, would become a passion for The world of goldsmithery, where he would find his vocation in contemporary jewelry. He continued perfecting it in the prestigious Technical School Raggio where he graduated of Technique in the Industry of the Goldsmithing.

Her goal is to create pieces that transcend art and conventional jewelry, Fernanda Oliva has a long history of studies and works in workshops and local, such as learning the modeling of wax lost at the hands of Professor Sonia Rodriguez and the enamel On metal in the National School of Ceramics of Argentina. In addition to continuing to expand her horizons currently with courses, such as her recentstudies of textile experimentation in the workshop Tacuru under the tutelage of Silvina Romero.

Contemporary jewelry?

Contemporary jewelry as a specialty of this brand, is a must in your closet of the new year, as this unique and innovative trend is expanding. Now you wonder, What are contemporary jewelry? Very simple, this movement focuses on each piece being particular, experimenting with bold materials and forms, traditional and avant-garde methods, endowing them with messages and meanings that are only found in works of art.

Of course, this designer and Latin American artist is the perfect representative of this current, she has her daily dose of inspiration in her workshop, where apart from making her pieces she teaches classes and courses in chiselling, enamel and wax modeling. This constant interaction with her students drives her to explore new ways and ideas to run her next collections.

From his lips he explains ” I seek to combine the simple with the daring, the natural with the eccentric, the design with the technique and the inspiration with the practice . In this way, my collections are born based on the different nuances that life gives me. ” This is how the goldsmith defines his creative process when it comes to sitting at his desk to prepare his projects, through observation, experimentation and introspection, the protagonists of Their collections, either with careful planning or with spontaneous rehearsal.

All these processes culminate with their contemporary collections that are perfect for all the nuances of a lady, from a daring choker for a professional woman ready to conquer the world to some rings modeled in dancers that will give you the feminine spark that your outfit needs. Break borders and redefine glamor.

Unpublished style

At the intersection between design, art and craftsmanship, Fernanda Oliva’s style is found, with unusual designs inspired by her clients and observers, astonishment and feelings based on the cultural and artistic concepts behind each jewel, each piece is made in a way Particularly with an unrepeatable finish, with the aim of renewing trends and providing fresh air to the streets of today. As expressed by the same designer ” I do j functional oyas, comfortable, and timeless with delicate ending” .

It is appreciated the meticulous way of using the techniques of goldsmithing to create razors and necklaces of metallic knots, a trend that shines in these times and that will get you out of more of a mess when choosing the ideal companion for your black minidress or you Spring jumper.

Another of the recurring figures in its design are the rings or “bubbles” as these pieces are called , light and simple printing, essential for your wardrobe, easy to combine and able to give a fresh touch to your look.

Despite its inspiration in vanguardism, modernism and the contemporary, it is not possible to deny its obvious muse in nature, with pieces such as “Forest and Fauna” and “Estelar” Fernanda Oliva represents abstractly figures of birds, leaves, rabbits, stars, Volcanoes and moons, endowing them with an elegance and delicacy only able to be immortalized in silver.

One of the most interesting jewels exhibited by this inspiration in nature is “Lluvia”, a necklace made of bronze with a silver bath, shows its name with a series of somewhat chaotic threads that flash with the movement, any woman Business will look stunning, radiant with this necklace of tropical air and undisputed originality.

Of perfect elegance

Likewise, the “Pasion” choker, in gold-plated satin bronze and harmonious circles, and its sister “Passion Diamond”, bronze with silver bath and angular plates, both play with the concepts of simplicity with a pinch of Eccentricity, achieving a balance necessary to give it the perfect elegance, being one of the most exquisite pieces of this promising firm.

If it is a matter of distinction, you can not forget to mention the “Cuencos”, these earrings in 925 silver and satin bronze, gold-plated, are the perfect mark of a distinguished lady, who appreciates the minimalist but that shines in every situation.They are suitable for a romantic or business dinner, very well accompanied with gathered hair and neutral colors.

Gold and silver always present

As for materials, gold and silver are always present , denoting a classic style that highlights the innovative form. On the other hand is the bronze, which with its versatility to work allows the designer a canvas where you can be bold with the processes and messages you want to communicate.

In addition to adding a subtle touch with the appearance of some unusual materials such as wood and semiprecious stones such as onyx and malachite, as it is present in these beautiful 925″Bubbles in Motion” earrings. This last material is indicated by the designer as one of her favorites when it comes to work, for its versatility and its splendid appearance.

The “Words” bracelet shows his mastery of the material, being able to evoke nostalgia and irreverence in this little piece with the words recorded “Live in the moment”, which means “Live in the moment”. They rejuvenate you and lead you to daring after what you want without losing the style.

Award-Winning and Unique

We can not forget the numerous participations of Fernanda Oliva in exhibitions and competitions, such as the recent 1st. Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelery, the Pure Design Fair in 2016 and the X International Fair of Handicrafts in 2015, some of the exclusive jewels that have been exhibited in these events are:

“The Celebration”. This is how it is called this refined layer of silver-plated bronze hoops that falls on a large part of the back and whose front part serves as a necklace, armor worthy of a queen Who would not die for wearing this original along with a long minimal dress For an evening celebration?

“From the Impossible to the Possible”. This is the name of the other unique jewel of the collections of Fernanda Oliva, an asymmetric ring exhibited in the 1st Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelery, elaborated with silver 925, its name reflects the concept that inspired the author during its creation. “In the act of crossing a bridge, the artist experiences a passage. Explore an original idea, the route, until arriving at a destination, perhaps unexpected. In this case, a ring with multiple faces ” eloquently explains the idea behind the solid lines and constellations of details.

“Silver Pollen” . Piece also exhibited in the Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelery, it s a ring that follows the previous concept of the role of the jewel as a bridge of exploration for the artist, along with the constant duality in the art of the brand, present through the Combination of warm dark wood and frigid 925 silver; In addition to the modern asymmetrical design with a figure similar to a flower bud that gives it its name. In the words of the designer when describing it “I transited by its betas until arriving at destination.”

n this way, Fernanda Oliva positions herself as one of the most promising contemporary designers in the Latin American jewelry industry, which will continue to revolutionize the streets of our continent and our closets with its exquisite avant-garde collections made from her native Argentina.

Many more of his jewels and fascinating collections can be found in his web page our site where we will be pending of his new projects and where you can accede to its online stores to acquire the pieces that we have exposed you here, So do not wait any longer to modernize your closet with this exclusive and modern jewelry.