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Ecuador Travel Guide

Ecuador is a country located in South America with name that begins with letter E. The Andean state of Ecuador is located on the Pacific northwest coast of South America and borders Colombia and Peru. With an area of ​​around 256,000 km², Ecuador is roughly the size of the United Kingdom, but has only about 15 million residents.

Ecuador is divided into three geographical zones:

  • The coast to the west, which is dominated by the Río Guayas. The port city of Guayaquil is located in its estuary – with around 3 million residents, it is also the largest city in the country.
  • The central Andean region with the highest mountain in the country, the 6,310 m high Chimborazo, and the capital Quito, located at 2,900 m in a high valley, which is almost on the equator. The mountain ranges are characterized by strong volcanism.
  • Beyond the Andes are the rainforests of the Amazon lowlands.

The national territory of Ecuador also includes the Galápagos Islands, 1,000 km off the coast in the Pacific. Check Countryaah to find more countries that begin with letter E.

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EU citizens only need a valid passport to enter Ecuador, which must be valid for 6 months at the time of entry.


The lowland climate in Ecuador is tropical, humid and hot with a rainy season from December to June; in the Cordilleras there is a subtropical mountain climate. There are very large temperature differences between the coast or the lowlands and mountains. Due to the very strong UV radiation and moderate temperatures at the same time, appropriate sun protection is particularly important in the highlands.

Food and drink

Rice with chicken or rice with fish and seafood are classics of Ecuadorian cuisine. A typical dish is grilled guinea pig (Cuy), which is served in peanut sauce. Popular drinks are the juices made from the many tropical fruits that are available in the country.

Cultural characteristics

The clocks run differently in Ecuador. If you’re 15 to 20 minutes late for an appointment, you’re still on time. In the case of private invitations, you can be delayed half an hour.

Medical advice

No special vaccinations are required to enter Ecuador. Please clarify with your doctor in good time which vaccinations are necessary for you. Outside the metropolitan areas, medical care does not meet European standards. A personal first-aid kit is strongly recommended. When traveling in high mountain regions, an adjustment to the altitude must be made. We ask you to read our recommendations for a successful adaptation to great heights in the travel documents carefully before starting your journey. Frequent hand washing and the avoidance of unpeeled, raw fruits and vegetables – also in salads – can prevent diarrhea.


Even if the vast majority of visitors do not have any security problems, it is still important to exercise increased vigilance: In the recent past there have been more thefts and attacks. Particular caution is advised, especially for those traveling alone after dark in the tourist areas of the big cities. In the event of robberies, it is recommended that the perpetrators do not resist because of their willingness to use violence.

Special provisions

The possession of even small amounts of drugs is punished particularly severely.

Ecuador Travel Guide 2