Claudia Arbex And Patricia Bonaldi Cast Collection Patbo By Claudia Arbex

Is the friendship between Claudia’s Arbex and Patricia Bonaldi that the collection”by Claudia PatBo Arbex,” composed of approximately 50 pieces created by the designer of accessories for Patricia mark Bonaldi.

To celebrate the partnership, the duo prepares cocktail to guests and press on the 7 day of August in the store brand Claudia Arbex in Rio de Janeiro, the Rio shopping Leblon Design.Valentina Falk of Fingers Design is the name behind the display case designed specially for the occasion and that display the creations of the partnership. Then, in the evening, Claudia and Patricia receive friends and more guests to celebrate the partnership in Baretto-Londra, hotel Fasano.

The developed accessories carry the inspiration of the 2015 summer collection of PatBo, which exalts the African culture. Swarovski crystals, resins and strands of leather are some materials that stand out. The models also received baths with gold, silver and graphite.Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and earcuffs are part of the list of accessories created by the designers.

The pieces “Claudia Arbex for PatBo can be found in the shops of Claudia Arbex and PatBo, located in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, as well as in all the multibrand represent the two brands.