Doljo beach, Philippines

Churches and Beaches of Bohol Island, Philippines

History in stone: the churches of Bohol

Spread of Christianity in the Philippines –

unusual, unique in its kind historical process of religious and cultural transformation of the Asian state. The old churches of Bohol speak eloquently about it.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

This temple is located in the city of Baclayon, right by the sea on the south coast of Bohol. Of all the Jesuit churches in the region, the Church of the Immaculate Conception is the best preserved. The imposing vaulted structure with columns of coral stone was completed in 1727 and includes a dungeon in which the ministers of the Catholic Church imprisoned criminals. In addition to the magnificent church building, there is also a museum with Christian art and relics.

Church of Loboc

At the beginning of the 17th century, Saint Alonsode Humanes found his last resting place here, and this church became a famous place of pilgrimage. Its façade is in the Baroque style, while the colonnade recognizably follows the traditions of neoclassicism. Numerous samples of skillful woodcarving, stained glass windows and gilded vaults adorn the temple. The church, located 24 km east of the provincial capital, is easily accessible by taxi or bus from Tagbilaran.

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Luz

Built in the 19th century in the municipality of Loon on the west coast of Bohol, this church is considered the most beautiful church in the province. In the monastery belonging to it, today there is a school. A majestic staircase of 174 steps connects the temple with Napo, the old center of Loon, and is considered the longest staircase in the country.

Church of St. Monica

Church of St. Monica in Albuquerque, south of Bohol, was built in the late 19th century and stands out for its magnificent bell tower, as well as the imposing vaulted corridor connecting the church with the monastery belonging to it.

Paglao Island

Panglao is an island paradise fringed with perfect beaches and famous for its attractions, including the mysterious Hinagdanan Cave. Two bridges near Tagbilaran connect Bohol and Panglao. The island is divided into two municipalities: Dauis in the north and Panglao in the south.

Hinagdanan cave

In total, more than 1,400 caves have been found in the province of Bohol, and Hinagdanan in the municipality of Dauis is one of the most famous. Light enters its spacious grotto from the entrances and natural skylights. Inveterate photographers here will be especially attracted by the mysterious shimmer of the sea, capturing which, you can refresh yourself in it, as well as countless stalactites decorating the ceiling.

Bohol bee farm

Relaxation for body and soul, healthy food and a room with a fantastic sea view. Bohol B Farm is an unusual farm located on a reef in the municipality of Dauis on the island of Panglao, surrounded by tropical plants and beautiful gardens with numerous beehives.

Hammocks strung between trees and sun loungers by the pool invite you to relax. In the restaurant, guests are pampered, among other things, with fresh, organic vegetables grown on the farm, and mouth-watering salads garnished with edible flowers. At the outdoor spa, experienced therapists provide medical and beauty treatments based on Filipino spiritual practices.

The idea behind the creation of this farm is to show how it is possible to produce healthy goods and benefit people without violating the harmony of nature. The atmosphere at the bee farm is peaceful and relaxed, it is a unique place where you can restore your physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Palm trees and sand like powdered sugar

The most famous beaches of the islands of Bohol and Panglao are Alona, ​​Bolod, Bikini and Doljo. All of them are ideal for a relaxing holiday with the whole family, as well as for exploring the vibrant marine life of the Philippines: dive sites and snorkeling spots are often in close proximity to the beach.

Alona beach. Alona has a length of one and a half kilometers and is located on the southeast coast. It has earned its reputation as the most beautiful beach in Panglao, among other things, with its sand – fine and white as powder. In the shade of coconut palms, local resorts pamper their guests with gastronomic diversity, while on the beaches there are several diving schools at once offering their courses and renting equipment. Alona Beach is a real paradise for those who want to take a good look at the vibrant life of the colorful inhabitants of coastal waters. The simplest snorkeling equipment is enough to explore the nearby reef in detail. Those whose soul asks for more serious adventures simply rent a boat and go to the deeper reefs of the nearby islands.

Dumaluan Beach. Dumaluan adjoins Alona Beach on the east side and with its turquoise, glass-clear shallow waters has earned a place as a favorite in the hearts of the locals. With gently shoaling waters and charming picnic areas, this is also the best choice for families with children. The exclusive Vohol Beach СІub is also located here – an ideal place for those who want to relax away from prying eyes.

Bikini beach. This tropical beauty is located just eight kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran. Silky white sand, palm trees and mangrove huts – Bikini is deservedly one of the favorite places for both travelers and the islanders themselves.

Doljo beach. One step away from the shore strewn with shells of all possible shapes and colors, and before you is the calmness of the deep sea, untouched coral reefs and marine fauna rich in species – everything a diver needs.

Doljo beach, Philippines