Charles Albert Fashion Jewelry
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Charles Albert Fashion Jewelry

Brand name: Charles Albert

Charles Albert Fashion Jewelry




Brand Facts:

Charles Albert is a fashion brand specialized in designing and manufacturing exquisite jewelry made by fossils, minerals, gemstones and so on.

They insist on that stones can express themselves and they combine innovative design with contemporary fashion perfectly which has gained great success.


Main Categories:

Bracelets & cuffs, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, chains & necklace, mid finger & cuff ring


Time and place: 1990, US

Early products: earrings

Founder: Charles Albert and Beth



President & designer: Charles Albert


Headquarter Location:

1471 SW 12th Avenue Pompano Beach, Florida, US


Worldwide Locations:

US, worldwide


New Arrivals



Price Range:

Fashion jewelry: USD60-USD210.95


Official Website: