• Vanuatu Geography

    Vanuatu Geography and Climate

    Vanuatu is an island state located in Melanesia in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is an archipelago located about 1,700 km east of Australia, west of Fiji and southeast of the Solomon Islands. It is also not…

  • Attractions in Adelaide, Australia

    Attractions in Adelaide, Australia

    Adelaide / Australia: The cultural center of South Australia Adelaide, the metropolis in the south of Australia, is nestled between vineyards and the sea. The metropolis delights its guests with a wide range of cultural activities. But Adelaide has even…

  • Wallis and Futuna Overview

    Wallis and Futuna Overview

    As a country beginning with W listed on Countryaah, Wallis and Futuna, officially territory Wallis and Futuna , French Wallis and Futuna [valisefyty na], is a French overseas territory in the South Pacific; includes the island groups Îles Wallis (Wallis…