• The Tikal Pyramids in Guatemala
    North America

    Central America Geography

    Central America covers as many as seven countries but is smaller in area than France. Despite its size, the area offers many variations. Nature encompasses everything from the world’s second largest coral reef in Belize to the ever – green…

  • Traveling in the Caribbean
    North America

    Caribbean Geography

    Those who do not like beaches should not go to the Caribbean – sand, water and palm trees can not be avoided. A colonial history with both English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and also some Swedish presence – did you…

  • Amazon River
    North America

    North America Geography

    Vegetation and climate The vegetation and climate in North America are very varied: it has most of the climates of the world. In the north there are arctic tundras (eg Greenland, Yukon), passing through a great variety of forests (Rocky…

  • Fair Park, Dallas
    North America

    Fair Park, Dallas

    Fair Park (Dallas, USA): detailed description, address and photo. Opportunities for sports and recreation, infrastructure, cafes and restaurants in the park. Reviews of tourists. Fair Park is not even a park, but a complex with an area of ​​more than…

  • San Diego, California
    North America

    San Diego, California

    Guide to San Diego: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. The best things to do in San Diego: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and…

  • Toledo, Ohio
    North America

    Toledo, Ohio

    TOLEDO – A CITY FOR LOVERS OF THE FINE ARTS According to ask4beauty, Toledo in the US state of Ohio is neither a particularly large nor a particularly famous city. However, that does not mean that it is not worth…

  • Denali National Park
    North America

    Denali National Park

    Over 400,000 visitors a year can’t be wrong. The Denali National Park in Alaska shows a natural spectacle and the diversity of Alaska on an area of ​​19,121 km². Denali National Park was established on February 26, 1917. The history…

  • American Dance
    North America

    American Dance

    The first news relating to the staging of danced operas in the United States concerns the staging, in Charleston, in 1735, of two ballets The adventures of Harlequin and Scaramouch and The Burgo’master Trick’d, staged by the English H. Holt.…

  • North America

    Banff National Park

    The Canadian province of Alberta is home to Banff National Park. It was established in 1885, making it the oldest Canadian national park and even the second oldest in North America. In addition, Banff National Park is the third oldest…

  • Kootenay National Park
    North America

    Kootenay National Park

    Southeast British Columbia is the location of the Canadian Kootenay National Park. Its area is 1,406 square kilometers. The Kootenay National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. In its neighborhood is the Yoho National Park and…

  • Eat on a “Soda”
    North America

    Travel to Costa Rica

    Central America’s most scenic country Costa Rica is located between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south – and between the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Caribbean Sea in the east, and is just the size…

  • North America

    Fundy National Park

    The Bay of Fundy is located between the coasts of the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in eastern Canada. Fundy National Park with bizarre sandstone cliffs, coastal forests, waterfalls and unique hiking areas is located near the fishing…

  • Ecuador Travel Guide 2
    North America

    Ecuador Travel Guide

    Ecuador is a country located in South America with name that begins with letter E. The Andean state of Ecuador is located on the Pacific northwest coast of South America and borders Colombia and Peru. With an area of ​​around…