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    Middle East Geography

    The total population of the countries of the Middle East was estimated in 2008 at 411 million residents, resulting in a population density of 31 residents per square kilometer. The projection of the population for 2050 is estimated at about 688.8 million residents, so…

  • Cuisine of Qatar
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    Cuisine of Qatar

    KITCHEN According to Shoefrantics, Real Qatari cuisine is practically unknown to foreign tourists. For many centuries, local residents, living in conditions of severe shortage of food resources, have developed very ascetic recipes for cooking. Almost all dishes were created on…

  • Lebanon Literature
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    Lebanon Literature

    The bloody civil war that upset the Lebanon between 1975 and 1989 profoundly marked several generations of authors who were concerned, in the post-war period, to make sense, through writing, of the destructive violence that had upset lives, communities, cities…

  • Yemen Culture and Traditions
    Asia,  Middle East

    Yemen Culture and Traditions

    CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION As an Arab country where Islam pervades every aspect of life and society, Yemen nevertheless preserves precious signs of the pre-Islamic era and of the other cultures of which, in some way, it has undergone the influence,…