• Valle Nevado, Chile
    Latin America

    Antofagasta and Valle Nevado, Chile

    Antofagasta Sprawled on the Pacific coast of Chile, the large city of Antofangasta has long been an attractive tourist attraction. It also plays into his hands the proximity to the Atacama Desert, where tourists tend to admire the scenery of…

  • South American culture
    Latin America

    South America History, Economy, and Culture

    History Independence Throughout 1808, the pressures of the French Emperor Napoleon I unleashed a series of events that further worsened the already compromised Spanish situation. The process of the Spanish-American Wars of Independence began with the La Paz Revolution in…

  • Caracas, Venezuela
    Latin America

    Political and Administrative Regions in Caracas, Venezuela

    Metropolitan area The city of Caracas occupies the entire Libertador Municipality of the Capital District and part of the Miranda State, specifically the Baruta, Chacao, El Hatillo and Sucre municipalities, which make up the Metropolitan District of Caracas, which enjoys legal personality and autonomy within the limits of the Constitution and the…

  • Ecuador Travel Guide
    Latin America

    Best Travel Time for Ecuador

    Ecuador [ek  a ð ɔ r], Ecuador [on the position below the equator], officially Spanish República del Ecuador, German Republic of Ecuador, the state in the northwest of South America with (2018) 17.1 million residents; The capital is Quito.…

  • How a Municipality Is Formed
    Latin America

    How a Municipality Is Formed

    The creation of a new municipality is not such a simple task. The process of municipalization of a village or district is long and time-consuming, in addition to requiring federal charges. Historic According to Campingship, most of the Brazilian population…

    Latin America

    Amazon – Intensive Encounter With Nature

    How high is the pulse of your green heart? South America’s lifeline is still one of the world’s great secrets. On this trip you will look deep into the Amazon rainforest and discover Brazil’s species-rich nature and fauna by ship.…

  • Peru 1
    Latin America

    Peru Travel Guide

    Peru is a country located in South America with name that begins with letter P. Wide highlands with mighty peaks, dense jungles, bright blue lakes and ancient cultures characterize the South American Republic of Peru, which borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil,…