• Reykjavík

    Iceland Attractions and Nightlife

    Attractions Höfn and the Southeast Höfn is a fishing village on the south-east coast, from which trips to Lake Jökullón can be made. The lake lies at the foot of Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. Akureyri and the North…

  • Climate of Russia
    Asia,  Europe

    Climate of Russia

    The main land wealth of Russia is a wide strip of chernozem soils, stretching from the headwaters of the Don (Kursk and Oryol regions) to the headwaters of the Yenisei (Republic of Khakassia). The main agricultural production is concentrated here…

  • Crete, Greece

    Crete, Greece

    Crete is an island with clear, warm seas and numerous beaches, bright sunshine and cool starry nights, well known for its archaeological sites and magnificent nature. Crete – area 8336 sq. km. population – 620 thousand people. This is the…

  • Resorts in Italy

    Resorts in Italy

    Piombino Piombino ) – the port city is located on the shores of the strait of the same name, on a cape where the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas meet, opposite the island of Elba. This is an…

  • Kingdom of Serbia (1882 - 1918)

    Kingdom of Serbia (1882 – 1918)

    Although the assignment of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Austria had deprived Serbia of the most coveted provinces, however, having almost doubled the territory and having achieved a position of particular importance in the Balkans, allowed it to rise from a principality to…

  • Estonia Arts

    Estonia Arts

    With the regeneration of the Estonian people at the beginning of the 19th century, the conscious and methodical evolution in every field of culture began in Estonia; only later were the figurative arts enhanced. Architecture. – The Estonian nation could…

  • The Neutrality of Switzerland

    The Neutrality of Switzerland Between Past and Present

    On the 500th anniversary of one of the bloodiest battles of the Renaissance, politicians and historians are divided over the repercussions for the Confederation: start of ‘Swiss neutrality’ or retreat of a small power? Work of the Master of the…

  • Italy Tertiary

    Italy Tertiary

    In the tertiary sector, as a whole, a large number of sole proprietorships have been created, often characterized by considerable innovative capacities, although heavy job losses have been recorded within the same sector. Recent evolution has in fact presented very…

  • Greece Figurative Arts

    Greece Figurative Arts

    Greek art developed throughout the first millennium BC. C. The Homeric poems, which are like the beginning of the spiritual life of the Greeks, are ascribed to the dawn of this; and indeed this life seems to be inaugurated by…

  • Greece Dialectal Varieties

    Greece Dialectal Varieties

    Since ancient times, Greek has a great variety of forms. Each region, each city reveals its own language; each literary genre has a linguistic form consecrated by tradition, but treated differently by each author. These varieties fall into a number…

  • Germany Economic and Financial Policy in the 1990's

    Germany Economic and Financial Policy in the 1990’s

    The process of economic convergence With the signing of the treaty (1990) which established the economic, monetary and social union between the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD) and the Deutsche demokratische Republik (ex DDR), the German federal government found itself engaged in…

  • Spain History - The Hingdom of Grenade 2

    Spain History – The Hingdom of Grenade Part 2

    On the other hand, Arabic, the official language of the administration and also the only literary language existing in the territory following the decline, or rather the almost total extinction, of the use of Latin, imposed itself as such on…

  • Spain History - The Hingdom of Grenade

    Spain History – The Hingdom of Grenade

    This state lived for more than two centuries. Pressed, on the one hand, by the Christian monarchs and, on the other, by the BanuMerīn of Africa, he was able to avail himself of the help of the Berbers to oppose…

  • Rynek Glowny Poland

    Attractions in Poland

    Wroclaw (Wroclaw) The well over 290 square kilometer city of Wroclaw in the south-west of the country is the fourth largest city in Poland after Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz. 635,000 people live in the five city districts. The special thing…

  • Trogir Old Town, Croatia

    Trogir Old Town, Croatia

    Trogir – a small place with a great past Greeks, Romans, Venetians, they all left their mark on Trogir in Croatia. Often destroyed, the city flourished again and again, often more beautiful and mighty than before. Another time A bridge…

  • Slovakia Culture

    Slovakia Geography, Politics and Culture

    Geography Slovakia is a landlocked country, however this is offset by the amount of mountains and forests that cover its territory. The relief is mountainous, dominated by the Carpathian chain. The mountainous areas are covered by forests that support an…

  • Liechtenstein Politics

    Liechtenstein Politics

    Politics According to the constitution of October 5, 1921 (revised several times), the Principality of Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy, hereditary in the male line of the House of Liechtenstein, on a parliamentary-democratic basis. State authority is anchored in the…

  • Italy Politics and Law

    Italy Politics and Law

    As a country located in South Europe according to Countryaah, Italy includes parts of the crystalline western and central Alps (Alps) in the west and north, as far as Lake Lugano, and parts of the southern limestone Alps with the…

  • Nagorno-Karabakh 3

    Nagorno-Karabakh Part III

    Continued stalemate Several events of significance to the situation occurred in 2008: Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and was recognized by, among others, the United States and most of the EU. A few months later, Russia recognized both Abkhazia and South…

  • Nagorno-Karabakh 2

    Nagorno-Karabakh Part II

    In January 1990, when new violence broke out against Armenians in Azerbaijani towns such as Baku and Sumqayıt (Sumgait), the Soviet military intervened and temporarily occupied Baku. Alongside the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, nationalist sentiments were rising against Moscow in both Soviet republics. At…