• Namibia desert

    Africa Geography

    Natural resources Africa is very rich in mineral resources. It has most of the known minerals, many of which are found in significant quantities, although their geographical distribution is irregular. There are large deposits of fossil fuels such as coal,…

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Economic Conditions

    Democratic Republic of the Congo Economic Conditions

    According to Rrrjewelry, the economic structure of Democratic Republic of the Congo remains in some respects similar to that of a colonial country, being still based on the exploitation of mineral raw materials almost entirely intended for export. Despite various…

  • Tours to Botswana

    Tours to Botswana

    To see the real Africa, it is enough to book tours to Botswana! The uniqueness of the country is manifested in every look: the famous Chobe Elephant Park, the Kutse Nature Reserve, the Okavango River and the Limpopo River flowing…

  • Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Study trip to Cape Town – city trip and round trip Whether you decide on a city trip to Cape Town, or visit Cape Town during a South Africa study trip or round trip, you too are sure to be…

  • Bourke's Luck Potholes South Africa

    Attractions in South Africa

    Table Mountain Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, is the center of the city and one of the most visited tourist attractions in South Africa. It has a height of 1086 meters. Hiking trails of varying difficulty and a…

  • Sahel Zone

    Sahel Zone

    The Sahel zone is an approximately 400 km wide transition area between the Sahara and the thorn savannah to the humid savannah regions of Sudan in Africa. Its east-west extension is 5000 km. It extends from the Atlantic coast in…

  • Sympathetic South Africa

    Sympathetic South Africa

    Join us on our fantastic trip to South Africa. During our winter months, the country has a pleasant climate with warm, sunny days and balmy nights. Our South African journey begins and ends in Cape Town, which is considered one…

  • Zimbabwe Travel Guide 2

    Zimbabwe Travel Guide

    Zimbabwe is a country located in Africa with name that begins with letter Z. Wild water, nature and joie de vivre – Zimbabwe offers all of this as one of the most diverse countries in southern Africa. In an area…

  • Uganda 2

    Uganda Travel Guide

    Uganda is a country located in Africa with name that begins with letter U. The central African landlocked country Uganda is a melting pot: Over 40 ethnic groups with their own languages ​​and customs and some of their own religions…

  • Namibia 1

    Namibia Travel Guide

    Namibia is a country located in Africa with name that begins with letter N. The name of the state of Namibia, which has been independent since 1990, is derived from the Namib Desert, which occupies the coastal area on the…

  • Madagascar 1

    Madagascar Travel Guide

    Madagascar is a country located in Asia with name that begins with letter M. About 22 million people live in Madagascar, over 2 million of them in the capital Antananarivo. The ethnic Madagascans speak a common language – Malagasy -,…