Winterberg, Germany

Best time to visit Winterberg, Germany

Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to Winterberg? You can determine the best time to travel to a destination based on the weather and climate. In addition, there are other factors that are not directly related to the weather and that can influence the best travel periods for a travel destination. Think, for example, of holidays or festive periods, which makes traveling more interesting or not, because daily life comes to a standstill as a result. According to Andyeducation, Winterberg is one of the most popular winter sports resorts in Germany. Located in Hochsauerland, this city is extremely popular among Germans and Dutch. If you drive through the streets of Winterberg during the spring break, you will mainly see cars with yellow number plates. This place is also very popular with the Dutch during the Christmas holidays, but you see a bit more balance in the German-Dutch ratio. Winterberg is not only a winter sports destination, you can also enjoy yourself here the rest of the year. In the summer season, the area around Winterberg is very popular for walking, cycling or other active activities. The climate of Winterberg is perfect for this: it is not too cold, but certainly not too hot.

The best time to travel in the summer season

If you want to go on holiday to Winterberg in the summer season, the best time to travel is mid-May to August. This is the period with the most pleasant temperatures and the greatest chance of sunny weather. It is not a dry season. As during all other months, there is a reasonable chance that you will have to deal with precipitation. In the summer this is always in the form of rain. If you especially want to enjoy a holiday in the sun in a bungalow or other type of accommodation and want to see some of the area, then we would go for the months of July or August. The afternoon temperatures are usually somewhere between 20 and 25 degrees. If you go to higher areas in the area, it can be up to a few degrees cooler there than in the town.

If you mainly want to be active, you could choose to avoid the hottest months. If only to limit the chance of temperatures above 25 degrees. In terms of nature and temperature, the second half of May and the entire month of June are ideal for a Winterberg holiday. When packing clothes and shoes, keep in mind the changeability of the weather.

Winter Sports in Winterberg

As written in the intro, Winterberg is especially popular for winter sports. Don’t expect to be able to make kilometers of ski tours here, but that the winter sports fun will be limited to a few descents on skis or snowboards. In addition, children (and of course adults) can have fun with the sled. Winterberg is a great destination for cross-country skiers, provided there is snow of course. In total there are 150 kilometers of cross-country trails around Winterberg.

Due to the limited elevation, Winterberg is much less snow-sure than the ski areas in the Alps. If necessary, snow cannons are used to lend nature a hand. Although the winter sports season officially starts the week before Christmas in Winterberg, January and February are the best travel times for a winter sports holiday in the much-loved Winterberg. If the spring break comes early, you have the best chance of good snow.

Winterberg, Germany