• Innsbruck, Austria

    Landmarks of Innsbruck, Austria

    According to Mcat-Test-Centers, the Austrian city of Innsbruck is located in the province of Tyrol. Its location on the river Inn has ensured a lot of trade over the centuries. After all, the Inn not only flows through Austria, but…

  • Bonn, Germany

    Sights of Bonn, Germany

    According to Liuxers, the German city of Bonn is located on the Rhine in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With over three hundred thousand inhabitants, we can speak of a medium-sized city. The city of Bonn can best be described…

  • Winterberg, Germany

    Best time to visit Winterberg, Germany

    Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to Winterberg? You can determine the best time to travel to a destination based on the weather and climate. In addition, there are other factors that are not…

  • Tokelau Islands

    Islands in Oceania

    Cook Islands The Cook Islands is a self-governing state entity (in association with New Zealand) in the Pacific Ocean. The capital is Avarua. The climate is tropical maritime. November-April is the rainy season. May-October is the dry season. The average…

  • The Tikal Pyramids in Guatemala
    North America

    Central America Geography

    Central America covers as many as seven countries but is smaller in area than France. Despite its size, the area offers many variations. Nature encompasses everything from the world’s second largest coral reef in Belize to the ever – green…

  • Traveling in the Caribbean
    North America

    Caribbean Geography

    Those who do not like beaches should not go to the Caribbean – sand, water and palm trees can not be avoided. A colonial history with both English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and also some Swedish presence – did you…

  • Namibia desert

    Africa Geography

    Natural resources Africa is very rich in mineral resources. It has most of the known minerals, many of which are found in significant quantities, although their geographical distribution is irregular. There are large deposits of fossil fuels such as coal,…

  • South American culture
    Latin America

    South America History, Economy, and Culture

    History Independence Throughout 1808, the pressures of the French Emperor Napoleon I unleashed a series of events that further worsened the already compromised Spanish situation. The process of the Spanish-American Wars of Independence began with the La Paz Revolution in…

  • Amazon River
    North America

    North America Geography

    Vegetation and climate The vegetation and climate in North America are very varied: it has most of the climates of the world. In the north there are arctic tundras (eg Greenland, Yukon), passing through a great variety of forests (Rocky…

  • Western Siberia

    Asia Geography

    Relief In the Asian continent, the following formations stand out: In the north the Siberian plain. In the central zone a series of high plateaus like those of Iran, Pamir, Tibet and Mongolia. Those of Pamir and Tibet are located…

  • Europe Geography

    Europe Geography

    Relief This continent has a triangular shape, it presents towards the edges of the triangle great elevations that frame, like a giant protective frame, the great plains. The entire extension between them constitutes the depressed areas of this continent. This…

  • European Union Culture

    European Union Geography

    The territory of the EU consists of all the territories of its 27 Member States with some exceptions that are set out below. The territory of the EU is not the same as that of Europe, as parts of the…

  • Middle East Persian Gulf
    Middle East

    Middle East Geography

    The total population of the countries of the Middle East was estimated in 2008 at 411 million residents, resulting in a population density of 31 residents per square kilometer. The projection of the population for 2050 is estimated at about 688.8 million residents, so…

  • Maldives Interesting Facts

    Maldives Interesting Facts

    Holidays in the Maldives have always attracted wealthy gentlemen from all over the world. The Maldives is truly a paradise on our not always prosperous planet. Throughout the year, summer weather prevails here, the temperature of air and water is…

  • Singapore Hotels

    Singapore Hotels

    Conrad Centennial Singapore 5* This hotel is a 31-storey building with 509 rooms. The hotel is located in the business district of Singapore, about 20 minutes drive from the international airport. From floors 27 to 31, rooms have a higher…

  • Caracas, Venezuela
    Latin America

    Political and Administrative Regions in Caracas, Venezuela

    Metropolitan area The city of Caracas occupies the entire Libertador Municipality of the Capital District and part of the Miranda State, specifically the Baruta, Chacao, El Hatillo and Sucre municipalities, which make up the Metropolitan District of Caracas, which enjoys legal personality and autonomy within the limits of the Constitution and the…

  • Singapore Tours

    Singapore Tours

    SIGHTSEEING TOUR OF THE CITY Start of the tour – 09.00 Duration of the tour – 3.5 hours The purpose of the tour is to acquaint you as fully as possible with Singapore, its origins and modern achievements, cultural traditions…

  • Sundsvall (Sweden)

    What to See in Sweden

    Visby, island of Gotland (Sweden) Visby is the capital of the island of Gotland, which is located in the Baltic Sea. In 1995, the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. From those times when the city was…

  • Bari (Italy)

    What to See in Piedmont (Italy)

    Asti, Piedmont (Italy) The city of Asti is located on the slopes of the Monferrato hills in the southern part of the Piedmont region, about 55 km southeast of Turin. This part of Piedmont is known for its gastronomic traditions.…

  • Hong Kong Geography

    Hong Kong Geography, Population and Politics

    Background: Occupied by Great Britain in 1841, according to Sportsqna, Hong Kong was formally ceded to her by China the following year; the adjacent territories were annexed later in the 19th century. According to the agreement between China and the…