• Sympathetic South Africa

    Sympathetic South Africa

    Join us on our fantastic trip to South Africa. During our winter months, the country has a pleasant climate with warm, sunny days and balmy nights. Our South African journey begins and ends in Cape Town, which is considered one…

  • dunes maspalomas - gran canaria

    Sights in Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria is the third largest of the seven Canary Islands, which politically belong to Spain. Thanks to the favorable location west of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is mild all year round. Gran Canaria is of volcanic…

  • Lindos on Rhodes

    Sights in Rhodes

    The Greek island of Rhodes belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. The unique, picturesque island landscape with its fascinating beaches and the warm, sunny…

  • Ha Long Bay

    Sights in Vietnam

    Vietnam, the Southeast Asian country with its long coastline, fascinates visitors not only with its varied landscapes and exotic cuisine. Here you can also discover cultural sights that testify to the eventful, often dramatic history of the country. Monumental palaces…

  • OSLO

    Oslo Travel Guide

    Oslo is rich in culture and history. There is plenty to do in Oslo, as the diverse museum offer and impressive architecture offer something to see for many holidays. Oslo is an easily accessible city, where the cultural offer, shopping and seascapes…


    Sochi Travel Guide

    In Sochi you can enjoy the mountains and the beaches of the Black Sea. The Olympic city of Sochi is the most popular beach resort in Russia. Beaches and spas fill the city with tourists The waves of the Black…

  • Laos - Comprehensive Round Trip From North To South

    Laos – Comprehensive Round Trip From North To South

    Laos is still a very pristine country and offers an insight into the life of traditional tribes. The hospitable residents will be happy to welcome you. You will also find beautiful nature, mystical temples and four thousand islands here. With…

    Latin America

    Amazon – Intensive Encounter With Nature

    How high is the pulse of your green heart? South America’s lifeline is still one of the world’s great secrets. On this trip you will look deep into the Amazon rainforest and discover Brazil’s species-rich nature and fauna by ship.…

  • exploring Latvia

    Latvia for Nature Lovers

    Every holidaymaker will find something in Latvia, regardless of whether you are drawn to the largely untouched nature, walk in the footsteps of Latvian history, do sports or want to spend a relaxing holiday with the family. Here you can…

  • 7 historical attractions in Beijing

    7 Historical attractions in Beijing

    Beijing’s stunning attractions exude China’s fascinating history. Over the centuries, the Chinese emperors have built many glorious monuments in the city, most of which are possible for tourists to visit today. For example, climb the Great Wall of China, admire the…

  • When is the best time to travel to Japan

    When is the best time to travel to Japan?

    As a country located in eastern Asia defined by Countryaah, Japan is a unique travel destination. In Japan, you will find ancient traditions, wonderful nature, delicious food and enchanting cherry blossoms, among other things. But when is the best time to…

  • The best travel destinations

    The best travel destinations in Asia?

    Are you dreaming of a holiday trip to fascinating Asian destinations? Is 2021 finally the year when your dream comes true? Read more below and see the top 5 travel destinations in 2021. Singapore – an interesting melting pot of…

  • When is the best time to travel to Laos

    When is the best time to travel to Laos?

    According to Countryaah, Laos is the pearl of Southeast Asia. In Laos, steep mountains, vibrant culture, interesting history, lush nature, fascinating cities and much more await tourists. Laos has a tropical climate, so there is plenty of warmth all year round. But…

  • The most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka

    The most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka

    As a country located in Southeastern Asia defined by Countryaah, Sri Lanka has a staggering 1,340 km of coastline, so you can find beautiful sandy beaches at every departure. On Sri Lankan beaches, swaying palm trees, idyllic hammocks, gentle waves and…

  • Zimbabwe Travel Guide 2

    Zimbabwe Travel Guide

    According to Bridgat, Zimbabwe is a country located in Africa with name that begins with letter Z. Wild water, nature and joie de vivre – Zimbabwe offers all of this as one of the most diverse countries in southern Africa.…

  • Vietnam 2

    Vietnam Travel Guide

    According to Bridgat, Vietnam is a country located in Asia with name that begins with letter V. In geography, Vietnam is described as a “bamboo pole with two rice bowls”: in the north there is a rice-growing area in the fertile…

  • Uganda 2

    Uganda Travel Guide

    According to Bridgat, Uganda is a country located in Africa with name that begins with letter U. The central African landlocked country Uganda is a melting pot: Over 40 ethnic groups with their own languages ​​and customs and some of…

  • Tajikistan 2

    Tajikistan Travel Guide

    According to Bridgat, Tajikistan is a country located in Asia with name that begins with letter T. Tajikistan is almost twice the size of Austria, but has a population of just under 8 million. In the west of the country,…

  • Serbia 2

    Serbia Travel Guide

    According to Bridgat, Serbia is a country located in Europe with name that begins with letter S. Check Countryaah to find more countries that begin with letter S. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Visa requirement: No. Travel documents: passport or identity card Passport…