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Main Categories:

Women’s sportswear, apparel, fashion accessories ( watches, footwear, sunglasses, handbags, belts, small leather accessories, coats, scarves and jewelry).


Time and place: 1968, New York, United States

Early products: Women’s clothes

Founder: Anne Klein


Previous Name:

Early 1940: Junior Sophisticates


Headquarter Location

1129 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 10604


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Jewelry Definition

A piece of jewelry is an artifact, worn solely for the sake of appearances. It is therefore not a garment in the customary sense, but something you wear on the outside of the suit, or directly on the body. A piece of jewelry will usually be framed in an exquisite metal, of jewellery stones, or a combination of these, and thus represent a certain value. Jewelry often is considered to be finer, the more expensive they are. Why have jewelry also traditionally been used as a way to showcase wealth on. Also has jewelry also been an expression of power; the who had a beautiful Crown, or whose wife wore the most expensive jewelry, might be the most important man. Most kingdoms have a collection of Crown jewels, which is only used on special occasions.  Historically, they have also served as a symbol of power and rule of the Royal family.

Traditionally, jewelry has been worn by women mainly, and only to a lesser extent by men. In later European history has the only accepted jewelry for men been cufflinks, a tie pin and engagement/wedding ring. Today is a (simple) necklace or ring in one ear, however, also accepted, although it’s still not considered befitting by finer apartments. In some African tribes have jewelry, however, traditionally been worn by both men and women.