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Alex Woo


Brand Facts:

-Alex Woo is one of the leading fine jewelry brand in the world.

-It is famous for the signature style unmistakable edge and unique design.

-Alex Woo stands for a powerful statement of individuality, and its jewelry is known for longevity.





Main Categories: Women’s Fashion Jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc).


Time and place: 2001, New York, United States

Early products: Women’s Fashion Jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc).

Founder: Alex Woo


Headquarter Location
New York, NY, United States


Worldwide Locations:

Over 100 fine boutiques that carry the line- Macy’s, Borsheims, Diamond Cellar, TMB, ROCKS by Jolie B Ray, Lux Bond & Green, Greenwich Jewelry, Zachary’s Jewelry, Desires by Mikolay, Chelsea Gifts, Chapman Jewelers, Sophy Jewelers, J.Rankin Jewellers, Sophie Reese, Lou, Bags & Moogs, Nordstrom, Treasure House, JB Hudson, The Clay Pot, Martin Binder, Clarkson Jewelers, GEARYS, Adler’s Jewelers.


New Arrival

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Price Range:




Executive creative director: Alex Woo

CEO: Alex Woo


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