9 Travel apps that will make your vacation even more fun
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9 Travel apps that will make your vacation even more fun

The travel app can make your vacation easier and more fun.

But what are the best travel apps for your trip to Asia?

We put together 9 free travel apps that can make your trip even more fun.

Please note: all of the mentioned apps can be downloaded for free (some apps offer upgrade and additional purchase options), but they may require a WiFi connection to use.

1) TripAdvisor

When you’re wondering where to spend your precious hours on your vacation, TripAdvisor is a great tool.

TripAdvisor users write reviews about various attractions and restaurants. You can search for a specific place or do a general search that includes, for example, restaurants in the area. So if you’re looking for a good bed in Beijing or want to experience a fine dining experience in Kyoto, TripAdvisor is headed in the right direction.

The app will help you make choices and ensure that your trip is full of comfortable experiences.

2) Grab

Grab is an Asian version of American Uber. You can use the app on our trips to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, among others.

With grab, you can get from one place to another easily and cheaply. You can choose which of the nearby vehicles you want to order. You don’t even have to know where you are, as the driver can easily find you with the in-app navigator.

In many Southeast Asian countries, you can also choose a scooter as your vehicle. In most cases, the scooter is the fastest solution on congested roads, and as you fumble in traffic, you will soon feel just like one of the locals.

The drivers are friendly and helpful and ensure that your experience is pleasant and safe. Grab the app in the background the company will see to it that all drivers regularly take part in safety training.

3) Maps.me

Navigating in a foreign city can sometimes require a little help.

When you download a map of a city or country in advance, you can also use it offline in Maps.me. This allows you to find your way to your destination even without a WiFi connection.

In addition, users can add attractions to the app, such as attractions or restaurants they find good. So Maps.me is not just a map app, but it also offers great tips on interesting local attractions.

4) Google Translate

Google Translate is an invaluable aid on your journey to Asia.

Although most Asian countries speak relatively good English, you can still occasionally run into a language barrier. This can happen especially outside big cities or in restaurants that do not have an English menu.

You can pre-load the language of your choice into Google Translate, so you have an interpreter in your pocket even when no WiFi connection is found.

Google Translate can also translate road signs, menus, and other texts as you point them at your phone’s camera. However, a network connection is required for this.

5) Duolingo

Nothing motivates learning a new language as much as a known trip to the country where that language is spoken.

Locals always appreciate that you learn to say at least hello, goodbye and thank you in the language of your destination. It shows both interest and respect for the country.

Duolingo makes learning a language rare. Game-like learning based on points and levels encourages learning new things.

6) XE Currency

When traveling abroad, calculating exchange rates always offers its own challenge.

This is especially true for countries whose currency needs to be multiplied or divided by large numbers to determine the correct amount.

XE Currency is a currency converter that tells you at lightning speed what the price of a product or service is in the currency you want. The app is very user-friendly, making it easy for the traveler to keep an eye on exchange rates throughout the trip. The application updates the exchange rates whenever your phone is connected to the network and saves the latest exchange rates for offline use.

7) Pocket

Traveling from one place to another sometimes seems to take endless time, in addition to which you often have to wait one day for another.

The Pocket app is then a handy solution.

You can save content to the app that you can later use offline. For example, download an article about the best attractions in Vietnam, a video about Japanese places to eat, or this blog post – whatever, where you can benefit or have fun on your trip. This way, there is always something entertaining at your fingertips when you have a long bus ride ahead or you have to wait for a flight to depart at the airport.

8) WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, you can send messages and pictures, or make voice or video calls.

A helper is a handy way to keep the home crowd up to date with travel events. Use of WhatsApp is free as long as you have a WiFi connection.

WhatsApp is also ideal for communicating with travel partners, for example, when you each go on your own excursions or explore different parts of the city independently.

9) WeatherPro

WeatherPro is the perfect app for anyone who wants to find out the wind, water and weather conditions of a travel destination in advance.

WeatherPro provides detailed information and statistics about the weather conditions at your destination. You can check the UV index and water temperature, among other things, from the application. The latter is especially useful information when you want to swim, snorkel or dive on the stunning sandy beaches of Asia.

The app also tells you about wind conditions, which is useful when you plan to do water sports.

9 Travel apps that will make your vacation even more fun