Wow! Kirsten Dunst in the Same Dress

Kirsten Dunst Wearing The Same Dress As 13 Years Earlier And So It Looks…

Kirsten Dunst directs the category “Who is better?” in a whole new direction. Because in this case we do not compare as usual two different stars, wearing the same outfit, but one and the same person in the same dress.

In Paris the actress shows up now in a white lace dress. Actually not particularly exciting. But the exciting fact is that this is already 13 years in the closet of the 34-year-olds. in 2004 she was wearing it already at an Oscar party.

And so we come to a style comparison of a different kind: 2004 Hazethe dress with red velvet pumps, silver jewelry, multi-layered necklaces and naughty Kurzhaarfrisur. Today she do not deviates from the silver jewellery combined, the pumps that are however black and if we look closely, the cleavage seems to fill the dress 2017 more than at the beginning of the 2000s. Haze has rumors a correction of their bust size but not confirmed – so far even denied. Anyway: we find it great if celebrities don’t throw away their clothes after one wearing, but show how beautiful it can be to wear the same clothes for different occasions.