Women Who Love Jewelry

Since Most Classic Jewelry Of Delicate Lines, Gleaming With Bright Or Precious Stones That Refer To Luxury To The Most Deprived And Contemporary Jewellery Consideredbasic To The Day To Day, All Of Which Are Appreciated By Women Who Love Jewelry.

The Jewels Are Admired And Desired For A Long Time, Traditionally Pass From Mother To Daughter, Become Real Amulets And The Value And Durability Curiously Are Recognized As A Symbol Of Power, Beauty, Wealth And Glamour.

In short, when it comes to jewelry, these have very different characteristics but have the same origin: are natural resources extracted from nature, so they are exhaustible raw materials.

Gold, silver and Platinum

Are part of the family of metals. Gold, for example, is one of the oldest metals known to man and some of the most striking features of this golden metal is your flexibility, which is the ability of gold to be molded and adapted. In addition, it is resistant to rust and is a hypo allergenic metal (no allergic reaction). Other metals such as copper, palladium and rhodium are also used for making jewelry.

Precious stones

The most important thing to talk about stones or precious gems, is quality stone for use in jewelry is considered precious, so the term “semi-precious stone” is completely erroneous. Inside this wonderful family of minerals, simplify by saying that these gems are classified according to their physical and chemical characteristics. The weight of the stones, which is one of the classifications, is measured in carats; already the scratch resistance is measured by the scale of hardness of stone, that put the diamond as the hardest mineral that exists. The fact that a stone be scratch-resistant does not mean that it cannot be broken. Some well-known and gemstones used in jewelry are Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, tourmaline, quartz, Blue Topaz, aquamarine, citrine, among others with your diversity of colors.

To make a stone, this raw still needs to undergo a beautification process known asstoning where facets are created which intensify your brightness. In addition to thenatural gems there are also synthetic gems that are made in laboratories resultingin the same physico-chemical principles of natural stone.

Marilin Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe in the film gentlemen prefer blondes.


The Pearl is basically a gem ready, namely, wash after it is removed from the oyster or clam. The cultured pearl by man also has great commercial value and over the centuries symbolizes refinement, elegance, romanticism, wealth and power. A curiosity about the Pearl and that your sphere symbolizing the continuity of life.

Each woman has their own style of wearing a piece of jewelry but in General, they want to feel elegant and sophisticated in any occasion. Is a mistake to think that only the romantic love of jewelry. Even a super woman with no time to practice vanitycan use a piece of jewelry. No matter the occasion or the time, the important thingis to use a beautiful jewel to compose a visual and add to that classic look or nota harmonic set.

I confess that I love jewelry! And you? Feel free to comment on this post!