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September New Arrivals

Wholesaleably has one of the largest selection of body jewelry at some of the best prices. They do their best to always present beautiful brooches, pendants, body chain and more in the good quality. In addition, they are debating jewelry from several well-known brands such as Spinning.


Wholesaleably always has a wide selection of brooches in yellow gold and white gold alliance in 14 carats. If you are to rubies, sapphires or emeralds, we have the brooch that suits you. You can also choose an alliance ring with diamonds-and even choose the number and CT. on your body. Browse more here.

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There has also always been real trials and rituals, where the body would be exposed to visible and painful ordeal. The decoration of the body meant power. Check it out at Wholesaleably.com.


In tribal society had the decoration the function that it placed the individual in society, after which the role or status of the person had. In our society places and we define ourselves in society, and uses the decoration which help to show the world who we want to be. The reasons for the decoration is so completely different today. Both tattooing and piercing is based on ancient art traditions and man has over time diligently decorated her body with beautiful drawings, symbols and piercing jewelry. Visit Wholesaleably.com/online/body-chains/.