When to Wear Gold or Silver

Gold and silver are not considered the best combination because these are metals with different energy fields. If individual gold and silver have a positive effect on the body, together they act negatively because of the clash of different energy fields.

Gold is a metal that energizes the body, filled him with energy and strength, while silver calms and purifies, gives us a calm and omirovtvorenie.

A combination of gold and silver on our body act simultaneously two opposing forces, thus upset the balance in the body. This can cause migraine , headache and dizziness , and also reflects quite poorly and mood.

Gold brings the energy of the sun, it is recommended in cases of depression, fatigue and weakness, acts recovering the body. Silver is recommended in nervous conditions, stress and irritability.

Silver calms the nerves, especially if worn on the hands-such as rings or bracelets. When worn as a necklace, it is recommended to be long to reach closer to the heart.

Silver is a conductor of electricity from human skin to jewelry and gold is a conductor of electricity in the opposite direction-from gold jewelry to human skin . Gold accelerates processes in the body and slows them silver.

The combination of gold and silver jewelry is not considered good taste as it gets, the lady just wants to show its acquisitions of precious metals heap.

Many designers are not of this opinion and believe that gold and silver can be combined, provided that this is done accurately. But this is only possible to combine two metals in a jewel-for example in the thick gold chain that is woven thin silver chain for more ethereal.

But even like extravagant style is not recommended combining a silver chain with a gold pendant or vice versa.