What to Wear?

Hello, ladies!

2016 is closer every day and with that new trends are emerging or being held for next year.

Chokers, necklaces, natural stones overlay, brooches and ear cuffs are the parts in which you see on the internet being used. So we bring you some pictures of famous that are familiar to these trends.

Ear Cuff-the jewel is here to stay, a modern and relaxed brings and many famous bet him on the red carpet.

Overlapping Necklaces-overlapping collars can range from delicate and simple to extravagant pieces and with many rocks! Are pieces in which any woman can use without fear of making mistakes.

Brooches-Yes! Brooches. They are showing up increasingly in parades, like Prada and Dolce Gabbana. The brand is Baublebar with a new collection of jewelry, where you will find several buttons for clothes. Including Olivia Palermo is in partnership with the brand, you can see one of the pictures of her with brooch by clicking Weddinginfashion.com.

Jewelry with natural stones-the last collection of Elie Saab the necklaces, earrings and rings were all composed by large natural stone Quartz. And increasingly you find the pieces in fashion, and it girls wearing.

Chokers-The chokers that are being used are not of the most discreet, every production brings a different model and flashy. And we’re not talking about the choker tattoo, that more simple and not very striking, but those that are featured in many parades around! Give a look at the following photos.