What Stone is Yours?

From Cartier there are now new semi-precious pendant chains, each of which is attributed to a different talisman meaning, such as serenity, courage or happiness. Reason enough for us to make a quiz:which lucky charm suits you best?

The “Amulet de Cartier” is – depending on the colour of the stone – caught in pink gold or yellow gold and has the shape of a castle, a castle of love, if you will. In the middle is a necklace.According to vintageinconfidential,  in some larger models, the stone also has a wreath of many small diamonds.
What Stone is Yours 3
Meaning of the Stones
It is more than just a matter of colour: the dark blue lapis stone is to provide for more serenity, the Black onyx for more courage and the turquoise chrysoprase to contribute to self-realization. In the answers we have hidden three more colour stones from the “Amulets de Cartier” collection. Give the fun and find out with this quiz which of the new Cartier pendant chains suits you best.
1. I am sometimes quite beautiful by the wind…
Yes, well?
A real problem I need to work on.
I even swallow green tea capsules, but unfortunately it doesn’t help.
Moi?! Never! I see myself rather as Jessica Pearson, the New York law firm’s boss in “suits”.
What Stone is Yours 2
2. My establishment…
… corresponds to a wellness Oasis:only my favorite colours and shapes.
My apartment is simple and functional. I spend my money on shoes.
I live by styled as in a Homestory from the ad magazine.
My Castle! Besides the cleaning lady, no one else is allowed in here.
3. I am most happy about a fortune cookie with the following message:
The right moment to happiness is now.
Tomorrow, Net-a-Porter will send you a 50 percent coupon code.
Those who understand how to enjoy life do not need riches.
Anna Wintour also started out as an intern.
4. To be noticed is not my thing.
Oh, yes! I do not like to admit it, but “all eyes on Me” I agree well and gladly.
Is. I prefer to stay in the background.
I don’t care if I’m noticed or not.
“Strike a Pose” – sometimes it helps.
What Stone is Yours 1
5. On my bathtub rim stands (or would stand if I had one):
Sensually Fragrant bath salts.
Shower gel, shampoo – the most necessary stop.
A splash-water-tight radio.
A rubber duck.
6. In which bikini do you spontaneously shout “Yay!”?
The bright bikini of Carpenter’s far left.
The Black bikini by Melissa Odabash.
The Azure bikini by Mikoh.
The Red bikini by Mikoh.