What Bracelet is in Style

Bracelets and men. Couple buttoned along that breaks the fashion trends of the early era of 500g before Christ. From the Sumerians in southern Mesopotamia directly to modern hip-hop bling boys wearing the bracelet could be a sign and addition to individuality, class and your mission.

From homemade hemp strips to exquisite bracelets of precious metals, the choice of the right accessory for your wrist can be a little difficult sometimes. So everything you said until now should you suggest that we have prepared a quick list with styles and tips that you may consider useful.

The Skin is Better

If you want a healthy and different bracelet at a good price, the skin is the perfect material. Popular among men who aim to be rebels or “grunge”, the skin will give you a rebellious fashion difference. Leather is easy to maintain, inexpensive and can literally be worn from office to pogo concert.

Key to the skin is to wear it with cunning and avoid combining it with other colors skin that you might put on. Also avoid getting wet or sweat because both will make this natural material to look shabby pretty quickly.

Magnetic Bracelets

Known as the hit fashion accessories in the last few years, magnetic bracelets claim that providing better health of the wearer. They say magnetic field over and around the point of pain increases blood flow to the affected area. These alleged medical benefits are the reason you see so many athletes with such an accessory.

The jury and science are still far from the real effectiveness of these magnetic “objects” or in other words the bracelets look quite uncomfortable and far from its capacity of fashionable accessory. So if you have a multi-million contract that is linked to your ability to deal with high athletic tasks can stay away from those famous magnetic products.


For more polished and pseudo-official kind of bet on stainless steel. Inexpensive and suitable material for almost every style steel can be durable and stylish option for most men. If you are unsure as a “jewelry” material, look for bracelets that combine materials such as leather or cord to soften the style and lighten the heavy type of accessory.

Precious Metals

For most men who know that talking about the bracelet holder, investing in specimens made of precious metals can be satisfying, stylish and timely endeavor. After you want to spend a significant amount of something silver, gold or platinum, look minimalistic, classic jewelry that have claims and suits you look and that will suit your closet.

Silver and platinum offer greater durability, so if your day is associated with jets and velvet gloves, gold will eventually show some sign of wear. Remember bracelets are part of your body that are part of the socket and your movements, so durability should be considered real.


It occupies controversial in the world of bracelets, then it seems no one is against it, because fighting for important causes. But men need to be realistic about wearing rubber band around your wrist 24/7. Our recommendation?

Wear silicone bracelet in the gym over the weekend and in their daily activities. Offices and foundations have some of the politicians who navigate things without your bright stylish exhibitions.

And remember, you can not simulate empathy and support to your favorite color or what goes to your wardrobe. You want to take this as an opportunity to educate the cause that affects you or your loved people. Insincerity is an accessory that does not flatter anyone.


Nobody can steal a set of dummy and call it style accessories are those that separate the minority of the founders of the trends of the majority. The bracelets have always been part of men’s fashion to some extent although trends are tides, clever minimalist gesture never goes out of fashion. Your ultimate goal is to emphasize the vision and individuality without clearly expressing it.

  • The bracelet must act as an accessory and not as a major part of your outfit. This is a focusing element, so choose accordingly and wear everything in your vision.
  • Select your skin if you care less, strength and rebelliousness.
  • Steel offers durability and economy.
  • Play him a conservative when investing your hard-earned money in precious metals.
  • Silicone is equivalent to the support of relevant cause, but does not always mean “office accessory.”