Wedding Rings from Carbon Now at 123gold

Carbon wedding rings are now available in new collections at 123gold MyStyle and ars amandi.The light, trendy material with its pleasant feel is distinguished by its dark colors and contrasting combinations with other metals such as gold and stainless steel.

Carbon with its dark, dull shining color is just like a diamond made of carbon. Known for its hardness and simultaneous ease, it is often used in vehicle construction and aerospace applications. Due to its special properties, however, carbon is also predestined for use in the areas of trauring and jewelery: it is skin-compatible and therefore also excellently suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, carbon is light, does not expand and does not become brittle. At the same weight, carbon has the fivefold tensile strength of steel.

Our years of experience in the Trauring design make these new collections from carbon to something very special.The quality requirements for wedding rings are higher than on other jewelery, as they are worn every day and perhaps for a lifetime.Here on Financedns, the aesthetic, dull shimmering carbon is characterized by its special resistance, pleasant haptics and simultaneous skin compatibility.Since our carbon rings are very light despite their stability, they are hardly felt on the finger during daily wear and therefore an ideal material for wedding rings – the special piece of jewelry that accompanies us every day.

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