Wedding Rings and Rose Gold Jewelry – the Absolute Trend Color

Gently and seductively glittering jewelry of rose gold on still summery tanned skin.The trend is unbroken: one is wearing rose gold.Jewelry made of rose gold is absolutely in, whether as a watch, pendant with necklace, rings, bracelets or earrings.

Not only the leading fashion and jewelery brands, but also the mobile phone sector, use their latest products for devices in color combinations with rose gold.

Among all the variants of the coveted precious metal, high-quality jewelry made of rose gold is in demand for its deep following, warm and emotional effect.Therefore, the popular precious metal is also particularly suitable for symbols of love – like our rose gold wedding rings , engagement rings, earrings or memoir rings.

Jewelry from rose gold radiates even more warmth than its yellow gold cousins ​​and at the same time appear fresher and more contemporary.Due to its exceptional basic color, rose gold jewelry sets accents and creates particularly strong contrasts.Diamonds, which are used in rose gold jewelry, show a gentle but very intense light.

The combination with white and bright colors is often used in this color trend – from the contrast with sparkling brilliants in jewelery, through bright dials at watches, to color compositions on modern smartphones.

At 123gold, you can choose from a variety of rose gold jewelery and also use a diamond from our Direct Diamonds range directly into a personalized rose gold jewelry you have configured.Particularly extravagant and extraordinary, rose gold in combination with colored diamonds.

Your individual symbols of love – in the trendiest jewelry trend color!