Wedding Rings and Jewelry Engrave

Today, future wedding parlors have so many possibilities for individual engraving as never before.The engraving of wedding rings and jewelery is a very personal feature, which perfectly underscores the individuality of the symbols of your love.In the history of the Trauring, the engravings have changed again and again.Typically the name of the partner and the wedding date are engraved.At 123gold, however, there are no limits to your creativity.Whether a personal love affair in your own handwriting or even the heart line of your child – our team is not a challenge too big!

Well-guarded from the looks of curious people, your love message often hides on the inside of the wedding rings .But also on the outside of the ring or on the side of the ring edge you can have your wedding rings engraved individually and personally.At 123gold you can choose between the classic variant – a machine engraving inside the ring, where you can select from different fonts – and the high-quality variant of the laser engraving.This can be installed either inside or outside the ring or at the side of the ring edge.From your own handwriting to fingerprints, unusual signs, your own drawings and designs – almost everything is possible at Lasergravur!According to ProzipCodes, in addition to wedding rings, engagement rings and jewelry rings can also be engraved.For example, an unusual laser engraving on the outside can make a simple ring a very individual personal piece of jewelry.