Wearing Body Chains

In some countries in Africa and Asia, wearing chains and rings at the base, known as anklets, is part of customs.

In ancient Egypt, women who wore them were considered prostitutes. In Côte d’Ivoire, this has grown. These jewels are a touch of beauty that many girls and women bring to their toilet. A foray into their world explains why these women wear these accessories.

The anklet, commonly called the foot chain, is a jewelry item from India and traditionally worn by the fairer sex. Indeed, in India, the ankle bracelets adorn usually barefoot and complement the dress of the foot formed by the toe rings. The anklet is, in its most traditional form, in gold or silver, but today there are bracelets made of other materials.

In Abidjan, they are growing, young girls and women who wear rings to toe and chains and pearls, also called ”baya” kidney. These jewels are often made with precious metals: gold, silver, or with alloys of several metals. A Adjamé important commercial center of the city of Abidjan, many women sell these beauty accessories. During a visit to this place of business, we hired chatting with one of the chains of vendors. ”  I sell at the foot chains and kidney. This fact makes dress and stylish women. It’s nice to see a woman with a chain to the foot, especially when it has slightly big feet. I assure you that this business is big, because I can have 15,000 or 25,000 CFA francs per day. Customers come every day, “says Bintou.

The chains foot and kidney or hip are available in several colors, according to the taste of the client. At about 100 meters from the shopping, a group of half a dozen girls surrounding a seller of these jewels. They deliver us willingly their opinions on these sets: ”  I like the foot of jewelry because they adorn. So I asked my friends to come with me so that I buy. Hip chains give me a certain elegance and my guy love to see them on my body , “says Tina. One of her friends rather emits a different opinion: “I, for cons, when I see a girl or a lady with a chain to the foot, I put it in a well-defined category, that of prostitutes. We are no longer in the time of slavery to stroll with chains to the foot. This is not a fad, it’s just a way to characterize. The chain kidney or size, is even better, because it is under clothes. Anyway, I door to seduce my man. And this is the baya I prefer because it is made from beads  “means Clemence N.

The word is out, the jewelery, including chains and beads to the kidney, are worn by women to seduce men. These objects exercise, according to those who wear them, an irresistible seductive power over men. At the sight of these jewels around a dream pool, many men lose their heads. Women are well aware that put the price to obtain the most attractive jewelry.

We then head for the town of Cocody, where we meet lady Bérénice O., which rather gives another explanation of wearing pearls ”  We must recognize that today, many of us carry these accessories. It is fashionable, they serve to put us in value and beauty to our highlight. As against the baya, our mothers tell us that it is good for babies because it allows them to have a beautiful shape. I know that these accessories are an eye-catching style, “she adds.

Said that the religion of these beauty essentials

Must we recall, in ancient Egypt, all women wearing these accessories were, for the people, the debauched, that is to say prostitutes. Religion does not exclude fashion or modernity, but it is the way to use that poses a problem.Religion does not contradict any form of modernism, but it is based on certain principles. Some Christians consider the chains to the foot and hip as a sign of belonging to a demon or spirit.

In Kumasi, Imam Bah Imran sheds light on the issue. “According to the studies I’ve done, Muslim women should cover their bodies. There is a verse that says que”le woman’s body should be covered except the face and wrists. ”Regarding the foot bracelets, chains kidney, it is not forbidden, if and only if these women or young girls wear them to show them only to their husbands.Islam forbids that a woman wears these accessories to show off or to be seen by others. Regarding men, God has even forbidden to wear the bracelets, they can just wear rings and preferably those in white money, ” he said.

The Catholic clergy also his opinion on the matter. A priest gives us his thoughts on the subject: “Frankly, from my childhood, I have learned that women or girls who wear the foot chains are lesbians ( homosexual). I do not think that all women who wear. Note that the ”bayas” were worn by our mothers with their ”kodjo” (piece loincloth worn by women as a sanitary napkin). Today, some women use bayas to bewitch men and extort money. Others, against, put the chains kidney or hip with their initials engraved.Certainly, it is the hype, but the hype, malignant type. The spirit of evil is using fashion to lead humans to perdition. The Bible says that ‘everything is permitted us but we are not helpful, “explained Father Denis Assamoi, vicar at the Church of Saint Bernadette Marcory East. He lets us know, moreover, that these advantages are sometimes distinctive signs of homosexuals.

Fads certainly, these jewels that are worn anywhere but where it is necessary, are variously appreciated. If they put off some, others by cons put up with it or even appreciate. Only those or those who wear them, know what they bring to their charm and their ability to seduction. In all cases, these jewels are far from unanimous, as fashion elsewhere.