Visual Glossary: Punbos Types of shirt

To make things easier, note: as a general rule there are two types of handles: shirt with buttons that close with buttons that are called handle with button or barrel cuffs and those who need cufflinks to be closed which are called French or double grip handle.

The cuffs with buttons are less formal than the with cufflinks. But both else can be used day and night. But if the night is very formal occasion, or you want to give an up in look, handles with cuff links are most suitable. Both pro day to night.

The cuffs with buttons may appear with one, two or three buttons until. And have different angles in the finish and may have the buttons closer or not, having a V in the tabs of them or have them rounded or straight, anyway … This can vary.

And still has the fist version of the James Bond called Cocktail or Turnback Cuff. Or James Bond cuff even though it is shown below.

Haven’t seen one of these in a long time… actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen live and in color a…

In the middle of the fists have convertible handle that is the button that can be converted to a cufflink.

How? Check out the video above to see what it’s about. Is very clear on it. And this is a kind of handle, i.e., the shirt comes with it and this possibility.

And on the cuff links… on them can be used both cufflinks as we. Being that we are less formal than a cufflink.

But back to double fist or French… He is a handle that has two layers of fabric that are prey for cufflinks or us.

Still has the single version or plain cufflinks cuff links that have only one layer of fabric on the handle, this layer is arrested for cuff links, see the photo above. And she actually is the more formal version of cufflinks that there is being traditionally used only for black tie or white tie.

But yes, the double handle can be used in good as an option for the black-tie affair, okay?