Vintage Style Brooches

The brooch is a jewel in hand and wearing is an art. Previously indispensable element of any outfit, pin gradually disappeared to finally sign a comeback today. But how to wear it with style? Countess Sofiagives you all advice.

Daytime bring a vintage touch to your outfit

You wear blazers? Then the pin should become your indispensable jewelry. Indeed, this one will marry perfectly with your best jackets, giving them a touch vintage that will make them unique. If your blazer united pins with geometric shapes a little original and colorful yet will it further in value.

If you wear a lot of jewelry, then it will opt for the simplicity and especially to match the tones of your pin to maintain good overall harmony.  Visit INTERNETAGES.COM for vintage jewelry and accessories. Above all, think about avoiding imposing necklaces, large earrings or jewelry hair too conspicuous.

But do not limit your pin jewelry for jacket! Indeed, although we are not spontaneously think, your pin can also be worn on your jeans in the front pockets or atypical, on your shoes! Yes the “potential fashion” of the spindle is still largely underestimated. And a pin can also dress your bag giving it a little more real. For your bags, you can let yourself go to even more extravagant with feathers pin for example.

Sublime evening outfit

In the evening also several ways to wear the pin itself to you. You can first adjust your pin directly to your dresses. This dress original way your most classic dresses and especially your little black dresses. Also, in the same way as your bags during the day, your small pockets will marry perfectly with a pin. Otherwise, more classic and classy, a latest way to wear an evening pin will associate it with a stole.

And day and night, magnify your scarves

And so what better combination than a scarf and a brooch! perfectly complementary accessories, you will feel to have a new scarf every time you link to it a different pin.

Recognizing the potential of this great association, Countess Sofia joined the creative Lea Stein to offer a sole scarves accessories line. discreet designer, considered the world reference in plastic jewel we invite you to read or re-read our previous article to learn more about this collaboration detonating that offers the most original pin to associate with your outfits.

So how do you choose to wear your pin? Tell us everything!