Useful Tips that Distract from Problem Areas

“Mirror, mirror on the wall … you have recognized my problem zone.”To such a sober statement comes one or the other woman from time to time, when they look at themselves in the mirror and become aware of their problem zones again.Whether exaggerated dissatisfaction or not – hardly a woman finds her body perfect.A few pounds too much, too wide hips, too short legs, small or large pimples – these are the stains that most women discover.But why are there so many great things in the world of fashion, if there could not be found something with which woman could help?How, for example, can an excess of pounds be visibly enchanted?How to conceal wide hips?Or how does a woman best guide you from short legs?There are a whole lot of useful tips to help you tackle your problem areas!I would like to introduce you here.

Excess pounds and roundings cheating away

Do you belong to women who have a few extra pounds on their hips or belly?Or do you think your roundings, especially in the chest area, are a bit too feminine?This is no reason for panic, because a bit this problem zone can always be hidden.Basically, you should wear too much dark clothing with a few pounds or curves, because this reduces the problem zones visually.Avoid, on the other hand, clothing pieces with patterns, washings or embroidery, as they attract the eye and enlarge flaws visually.A useful tip is especially to put on everything that stretches the body and makes it appear slimmer.For example, long body chains, which spice up the outfit additionally spice up or longitudinal strips helpful extravagant away.Long, loose-fitting cloths can also distract from the problem areas and are also very handy in a large range.

Problem zone Po

Not every woman is blessed with a crisp butt.Others, on the other hand, would like a little less.Since the pants can take a bit longer … Women who find their butt too small or not crisp enough, have it a little easier.A pair of trousers with back pockets that emphasize the back are very helpful.Ornamental seams or rhinestones and the like make the po look more crisp.If the Po is too large, this can also help, however, it is important here that the pocket pockets end with the Po as far as possible in order to optically lift it.On a larger back or wide hips, hip pants should be dispensed with in any case.In the case of a too big butt, straight cut trousers or jeans in the bootcut can be made from the cut, which makes the thigh region slimmer through the exposed leg.Also in dresses and skirts, there are a few useful tips to get to the problem zone Po in the handle.Longer dresses or skirts with a straight cut divert attention from this problem zone.

Short legs stretch

Which woman finds her legs too short or (as I am) quite small, can also grab a little in the trick box.Waist belts, for example, stretch the figure visually.The best tip to stretch legs are however definitely high shoes.Of course you do not have to exaggerate it immediately with the heel height, but a bit of paragraph can already work miracles.If you have short legs but also problem zones in the hip region, you should be able to use block or wedge heels for high heels so as not to create a striking contrast to the figure.Here too, there is something to say about dresses and skirts: Who is rather small, can wear a dress or skirt on knee length or even shorter – depending on what you dare.Long dresses and skirts make you seem even smaller.

So, now you can cover up your problem zones and announce the fight.Finally, I want to give you two more personal tips on the way.Firstly, Nobody is perfect – and that is true not only for us women but also for the men.So do not put your head in the sand;cheating finally do almost all.And secondly: Emphasize your chocolate side.This not only directs your fellow men, but also yourselves from the problem zones.Somewhere has everyone also a good side.