Upcycling: Even in Luxury Jewelry a Topic

In the media, recycling is the topic for some time once again. In terms of fashion and trends like old things, pieces of plastic bottles up to dental gold, are melted in and co. until the result is something new. But what about items for you so no use has more, but personal memories?

Here come the so-called Upcycling for a question. Doing so will the items that you can tell yet exactly their original purpose. This is not to say that to convert old cans or similar, but also for luxury jewelry this can be an issue, indicated by Mbakecheng.com.

Most probably have such small valuable items at home: the ring of their grandmother, all these things are the Pocket Watch by the father, etc. personally important for one, but unfortunately they just meet not the personal taste, which is why they are doomed to gather dust or to eke out an existence in the dark jewelry box.

This must be not so. Some smart Jewelers make completely new creations from these pieces, according to the wishes of our customers. So the memories keep their shape, but be inserted into new jewelry and get so a new meaning. Environmental awareness is of course also has a role.