Types of Necklaces


The pendant on necklace is certainly not essential but if like like.

Small classic necklaces – the typical brillantino, heart-shaped or fish – and small even in the less traditional, medium-length ones to speak. But on these big pendant is fine too, and here there is really spoilt for choice: colorful, mounted on silver or rimless, round drop-shaped hexagonal, triangular square, heart or star, big or discreet, precious stones or pearls and rhinestones.

Impossible to quantify and categorize, the choice is very wide and goes to meet all needs and ages.


The silver is without a doubt the most valued and precious metal used for the necklacesafter gold. It is white but not cold and lends itself to all kinds of machining, forming necklaces of various kinds and invoice.

It must be said that the silver used for necklaces – and in general for the jewellery-is pure: typically speaking of 925 thousandths, which is still a high level and has the advantage of minimizing the risk of allergies often occur because of the presence of a high amount of nickel.

The machining follows many paths, it ranges from the wires to the chains to the watermark ethnic textures, and in most cases is matched to the stones. Even here, there is an infinite variety, insofar as the traditional combination with less precious stones approaches its ties with gem quality, which are now available in versions less ‘pure’.

For sure the aquamarine mounted on a silver necklace is not the same as that used for the gold, which however does not detract from the aesthetic value, while acting on the economic side because obviously our costs are lower.

And this is precisely the advantage of silver, beyond the appreciation that you can have, which is purely personal: the silver necklace is available to everyone.

The reach of very young children who want to exchange a gift within the reach of the largest who want to donate an item of value that is not excessive, affordable for those who do not want to turn with jewelry too important, affordable for those who don’t like the gold and the combinations that are suitable for those who prefer a traditional jewel one fanciful.

Yes, because the silver equal from the point of view of shapes and pendants and even of savings, since you can buy in jewelry but also on market stalls, where skilled craftsmen know how to make products worth mentioning.

The only sore point is that silver black, tends to darken over time, but you can easily fix that taking care of cleaning with specific products or covering it with a layer of clear nail polish as soon as purchased or received the necklace, so as to preserve the purity of the color.


Let’s face it: in the collective imagination of a gold necklace has a very specific meaning.

Talking about quality and value, because it is made with the finest metal, what ensures the life forever, maintaining over everything and everyone. And the symbolism with which it deals exceeds maybe its real value, to the extent that designates from time to time importance, respect, love that transcend the simplicity of a formula that, despite new trends, recurs substantially equal to itself, in the wake of the tradition and classicism.

Who prefers the gold yellow or white, it doesn’t matter, in the sense that the result does not change much: you want to make an important gift for an occasion or an important person? The gold necklace is the right choice!


Speaking of classics that never fade: the pearl necklaces, popular in the 1950s and very successful until a few decades ago, indicate class and a touch of old who is so good at grandmas and aristocratic ladies.

Based on Pauldigo, some for common use the pearl necklace is nowadays a bit ‘heavy’, in all its forms: the string of pearls, the collar, choker, h, the braid. They will also be out of date, but still the pearls symbolize class, although out of fashion, though always class.


Get a craftsman who is ‘found’ in my hands a series of rocks of rose quartz: becomes erratic, absolutely not in the same shape and not of the same color, because the real stones, good, original, present in every corner different facets. Imagine that the craftsman chooses a thread and unite to pearls according to their creativity: the result is outside the box and, by virtue of the intrinsic originality, unique.

Beyond the productions made in series, whereby each model are multiple copies and multiple versions in other colours, the handmade creations have the unmistakable character of openness, of the break with established patterns. I named the quartz pink, but the choice is endless, including lion’s eye, amethyst, opal, rock crystal, turquoise, coral, carnelian, pearl, onyx.

The particularity of these necklaces is that do not follow a single path, meaning that they are not necessarily linear, then with the chain and pendant, but may present with double pendant, or with a tangle of overlapping threads that weave the stones. No limit for the allies of cleavage.